10 month old Springer Spaniel showing strange behaviour help please

by Jackie

We have just taken on a 10 month old springer spaniel pup from a rescue centre. Ours will be his 3rd home however, there was no mention of the behaviour he has just started.

First few days he settled really well showing no sign of aggression whatsoever.

We have taken him long walks every day and read about the pack and ensuring we eat before him, walk through doors before him etc. Over the last few days he has shown some aggression between me and my daughter (she is 12).

He has a stare and wont listen to us, he wont follow simple commands and then he springs for our feet and barks and then runs around like mad - urinating everywhere!!

He doesn't do this with my husband. Its usually if my husband is not here and he has done this once per day over the last 2 days.

I really want to make this work for all of us and not sure what to do.



From Anna@love-springer-spaniels.com

It ounds like you need some one on one advice from a dog behaviourist. I would speak with your vet and ask if they can recommend someone to work with you. Good Luck

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Jul 15, 2011
by: Anonymous

Sounds like it could be a result of what has happened to he/she before. Did the rescue centre not inform you of their history and his/her strange behaviour? If not i would go back to the rescue centre and try and find out the route of the problem, sounds phycological. X

Jul 15, 2011
Rehomed madness
by: Anonymous

I have 3 springers my oldest is 15 and had 3 owners b4 too... 1st off I wouldn't walk her asmuch til her bones are fully grown as springers get arthritis quite early in life due to over bouncyness so walking 20 mins 2/3 times a day until at least 12 months old! Sounds like a dominance issue or poss a attention thing. Get her checked out if nec they will refer you to a behaviorist. Which org did u get her from as they maybe help too also itaspringthing forum may give u some answers. I wish u well as springers are amazing but not for the faint hearted xxxx

Jun 30, 2011
by: Michele

It almost sounds like he could be having a mild seizure. I would definitely follow up with the Vet & as Anna said, check out a behaviorist.

Good luck - Springers are fantastic and I hope you'll be able to work out the problems.

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