10 week old ESS biting and growling

by Lindsey

Two weeks ago we brought home our English Springer Spaniel puppy. We really can't fault him training wise, he sleeps 8 hours in his crate at night and has already learned to sit, lie down and roll over. The problem is that he's constantly biting us, I don't think it's aggressive as its usually when we play with him and he doesn't attack at random, however he does get carried away sometimes and nip you when playing, when he does this we stop playing but occasssionaly he will attack your hands, feet and face, if he can get to it, growling and barking and biting.

We have tried an alpha roll and he does stop but it doesn't seem to put him off doing it next time we play. He is also constantly trying to get on the furniture and no matter how many times we push him off and say "down" he always tries again, and again, and again.

We are planning to take him to obedience classes in another couple of weeks once he's had all his jabs and have the time to give him plenty of exercise but until he's big enough to go out we just be able to play with him without him hurting one of us.

I'd really appreciate some advice.

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Sep 03, 2014
give him teddies NEW
by: Anonymous

You need to buy some teddies for him as he will be board have a stern voice on him then he will know it is wong to bite

May 12, 2012
We are making progress NEW
by: Lindsey

Thank you for your comments.
I am happy to report that we are making progress.

We have solved the furniture issue by putting a few pennies in a tin which we shake when he tries to get on the furniture. He hates the sound and runs away.

The biting continues but is much less of a problem that before. We bought him a Kong and whenever he gets too chewy we fill it with peanut butter (which he loves) and he has a good chomp on that. If he tries biting my hand I now ball up my fist and move my hand towards his face forcing him to back off and causing him to drop my hand. Once he lets go we give him his tennis ball to chew and praise him.

He has had his final jab now so we are able to take him for short walks (about 20 mins)a couple of times a day which has definately helped burn off some of his bounce.
He will be starting doggy day care next week when Im back at work full time, so he will be able to run around with other puppies and learn some doggy etiquette.

May 09, 2012
nip nip NEW
by: Anonymous

Oh i remember this phase well, I actually miss it now she is over 1 years old, but at the time I remember just been nipped at all the time and wanted her to grow up.

I was told by a trainer that it is a way of them playing with in the litter, but the other pups will make a yelp if it was to hard which taught the pup to control the strength of their bites for when they were older. As we have taken them away from their siblings its our job to teach them what is an exceptable nip and what isn't.

You can do this by a graded approach, 1 - 10, 1 being doesnt hurt when your hand is in pups mouth to 10 being very painful when your hand is in pups mouth, if the bite is closer to 10 you give a louder yelp and turn your back on them. if it is closer to a one, you wouldn't need to react. Eventually they should learn what is acceptable and what isn't.

I hope this makes sence to you?
As people have said be consistant and it is normal behaviour how ever annoying it is for us humans!

It worked for our pup and we now have a very loving and very soft mouthed ESS dog who loves a good cuddle and completely grew

May 09, 2012
Is this your first puppy? NEW
by: Anonymous

This behaviour is normal, read as much information as you can on Puppies, be consistent with your commands, down, off, no, etc.

Making a yelping noise will show the puppy biting hurts, over act looking at your hand when it happens, puppy will learn he's hurt you, and will come up to show concern, at this point except the puppy calmly, as it's his way of apologising.

He will understand, but at 10 weeks he has a lot to learn, and teething will make him nippy, give chew toys, and distract any unwanted chewing on furniture etc

Good luck, you will end up with a wonderful loving and loyal dog

May 07, 2012
springer NEW
by: Anonymous

normal behaviour he is still a baby ,and what he is doing now he would be doing with his siblings ,,there does come a point were you have to say no...when raising our 9 springer pups the best thing we found was to say in a loud voice OUCH! ...and as time went on we would cross our arms and ignore or even turn around and have no eye contact..some people use the choke chain method and yank them back i didnt ..perhaps using the clicker method might help as he is still a puppy he has loads of protential and will be eager to learn ...

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