12 week Springer Spaniel puppy hoovers anything and everything up, inside and out

by Teresa

How do we stop our little boy getting ill from eating everything in sight, without restricting his inquisitive nature too much.

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Comments for 12 week Springer Spaniel puppy hoovers anything and everything up, inside and out

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Mar 11, 2012
Home at last NEW
by: Teresa

We have our little boy home thankfully after a very difficult op, where they removed lots of twigs and bits of pine cone. The vet is referring him to a behaviourist as they saw 1st hand how determined he is to eat everything in his path... In the mean time he is getting a muzzle! bit drastic but another op could kill him.
My advice to anyone would be, even if you think you have got everything out of their mouth you may not and the damage it may be doing inside is terrible.. So if you have one like ours get help soon, you could save a life.

Mar 07, 2012
Update NEW
by: Teresa

Just an update - Our puppy has now had to have surgery as he has hoovered up so much.. They found a pine cone and numerous twigs. He has never even been off lead yet and we remove lots from his mouth.

We have tried "leave" etc but this only works inside he is too excited outside.

He had the op this morning so still very worried as early days.

Any ideas for future ideas when he hopefully comes home?

Feb 08, 2012
teach it to NEW
by: Anonymous

use it's favourite treat, get it to sit then place it infront of it while saying "leave it", if it tries to grab the treat pick it up quickly and keep repeating "leave it".

keep repreating this exercise untill you can place the treat down without him taking it until you say so.

once you get that sorted you'll be able to easily transfer it to anything that grabs your dogs attention, other dogs, rubbish, mice , people use it along with recall when your out, "leave it ! come"

plenty of praise when it gets it right should keep it working :)

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