13 y/o springer spaniel bitch - extremely over-excited in the am, help!

by Pippa
(London & Hereford)

My mum has 2 13 y/o english springer spaniels (litter sisters) who are now getting quite aged. But one is becoming almost unmanageable in the morning as she is so hyperactive and over-excited.

She has always been hyperactive, especially in the morning, has always required long walks and although she is much slower and going quite deaf, she is still alert, willing and will walk as far as ever (albeit with lots of breaks!).

She's always had a heart murmur and she also went through an episode of geriatric vestibular syndrome a few weeks ago and is now almost back to her normal self, except for a bit of a head tilt.

However the hyperactivity in the morning now seems to have got much much worse. She wakes everyone (my Mum, the other spaniel and the cat) up at 4.30am every day and will not settle down at all until she has been fed at about 6.30am. She insists on going out several times before her breakfast, cannot stop barking and racing around like crazy. Her sister spaniel (who is going deaf and blind and is very old in mentality) gets thoroughly confused and my Mum is at the end of her tether!

Is there anything we can do, or give her, to help her to keep relatively calm in the mornings so that they can all get through breakfast in one piece?! Both dogs are on senior dry food and get a small amount in the morning and their main meal at about 6pm.


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May 15, 2013
Hyper Senior NEW
by: Anonymous

My almost 14 year old Springer died last year. She had similar signs of your Springer, but this would occur in the evening. In addition to being over excited she would just pace around the dining room table. It seemed she could not settle down and get comfortable. She was always very anxious, but had never been prior to the last few months of her life. She had dementia. I believe there is medication to help with that, so a trip to the Vet might be a good idea for you. In addition to the dementia she lost 5 pounds in 3 months despite eating 4 meals a day. Between that, the dementia and her advanced arthritis, which made getting around difficult for her, we decided with our Vet to relieve her of any further suffering. Check with your Vet, I am sure there is medication to help your dog.

May 11, 2013
.. NEW
by: Jen

Not to worry you but my friend had similar problems with her old boy; really hyper in the mornings, wouldn't settle, strange behaviour, wouldn't stop barking, was going toilet in the house although he was toilet trained, etc.. And it turned out he had dementia. Not to say your mums dog has, but maybe something to ask about? Hope she's ok though. Let us know how she gets on.

All the best!

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