14 weeks pregnant and getting a springer puppy is this a good idea?

by sarah

Hi Im 14 weeks pregnant and me and my boyfriend really want a springer. We had planed to get one in January and had this in mind before we found out we were pregnant we still really want to get one but Im just looking to see if anyone has got a springer puppy while they were pregnant or have any ideas of what we might do. Thanks

From Anna@love-springer-spaniels.com

Hi Sarah
As a mum of two toddlers and a springer you are taking on a big challenge, but my husband is often away alot with work so I have to manage it on my own. If you do this you have to be sure that you can commit to training and walking your springer even when the baby arrives, otherwise your springer will suffer. The other thing you may want to consider is to get the pup when your baby is a little older. Mine kids are now 2 and 3 and I am considering adding a second springer to our household.

Good luck with the decision and the baby.

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Jan 04, 2011
by: Cathy


I have a ESS puppy who is 11 months old, I am currently 4 months pregnant. Yes like all puppies they are very hard work but the love they give is so unconditional. For us a house was not a home without a dog and having a puppy is a small step to the commitment of being a parent. First few months with puppy is very tough but their sad eyes are so worth it and once they have space and exercise all will be well !!!

Best of luck !

Jan 01, 2011
14 Wks Preg and new Puppy
by: Anonymous

Did you and your boyfriend grow up with dogs? Do you know the time commitment that having a well settled puppy/dog involves? Will your boyfriend make sure that the pup gets plenty plenty of exercise when you are feeding and caring for the baby? Will your boyfriend tend the baby while you spend time with the pup? A year old dog is still very much a puppy and will need lots of care!
But he will be very much a part of the family and the best friend that child will have for the next 12 years! He will not hurt or jump on the baby.
But he will find your shoes and chew them up if he doesn't get the attention and exercise that he needs. He will love to go on walks with you and the baby in its stroller. He will never let you forget the baby and would always tell you if someone takes the baby! He will let you know when the child is stirring and needs attention.
But you must let him be part of your family, not be banished to the yard or next room when you are tending the baby. Make sure that he has lots of wonderful toys of his own, and don't get him stuffed animals if you are going to be upset when he wants the baby's stuffed lamb!
My opinion is that it will be a tremendous amount of work to be fair to the pup and the baby. But if your partner is on board, and not down at the pub, it would be the happiest and most rewarding addition to your family!

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