15 week old ESS that pulls like mad on the lead- sprays when excited-and keeps jumping on the couch help

by Val
(Bolton England)

We have had our puppy for 5 weeks now and overall I think he is doing very well.He is 15 weeks old and I have to admit I am a total novice to owning a puppy so any advice will be greatly received.

We are crate training him and overall he very rarely has any toileting accidents- the only issue is when he is excited he tends to spray. It happens even after just having a wee and although we have tried to 'ignore' him to try not to overexcite him just opening the crate gets him giddy.-
Now that he is having very few accidents in an evening when the kids are in bed we have been letting him out of the crate for play and cuddles etc however he continues to jump on the couch. we have tried to get him off telling him no and down etc.. but this seemed to be more like a game so we have also tried to get him down without any instructions or attention however he again keeps jumping up-- please any ideas-
The other issue is that he pulls like mad on the lead and wondered about buying a gentle leader type lead- what do you all think?

On a positive I think he is doing very well with his training- he sits, stays and lies down on command and is now not jumping up for his food.

a new puppy owner

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Comments for 15 week old ESS that pulls like mad on the lead- sprays when excited-and keeps jumping on the couch help

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Sep 23, 2017
15wk springer spaniel NEW
by: Anonymous. Kaz

My girl is 15wks and I've been really lucky, she was crated during night for a week then we kept the door open with freedom in the hallway and stairs, there's a safety gate at top to stop her going into bedrooms, but for last week or so we've put the cage away, she has her bed where it was. We get no noise and she uses her puppy pads if desperate, but most mornings she waits for outside. She has her own toy box full of various sqeaky toys, balls, Kong and a knot rope tied to the bottom bannister that she loves tugging against. I get home from work and she has all her toys spread around but doesn't touch anything else - even the mail.
Only problem I have is the pulling whilst out walking, she loves lots of walking and we take her out with my mums Lhaso, they are very sociable together, but I find myself constantly trying to control her, Training is going well, sit and paw were learnt in less than a week and we're now on recall as I want to be able to let her off the leash to retrieve.
I've enjoyed reading everyone's ideas, thank you.

Aug 21, 2011
ESS puppy 15 weeks old
by: ANNIEk

My ESS Basil is 15 weeks old and also does all the things that have been mentioned. Getting better by the day though and will settle on his bed which we have put in front of the sofa. Does hop up for a cuddle now and then , but he is quite big now and feels more comfy on his own bed. Dishwasher..... Everytime the door is opened he is there checking it and was found once sitting in it.
Walking well (ish ) on a lead and very good off the lead , recall not bad. Will be glad when we can do more than the 5 minutes for every month and have a good walk in the country side.
This is my third ESS and , okay they do take a while to grow up 6-7 years, but they are the best!!!! Good luck xx

Jan 03, 2011
Puppy Pulls
by: Becky

As already said it's what they do, we have a 4 1/2 month old, he only wee's when he's been locked away fir a while without us being there, remember a pup should not be left in a crate for more than 4 hours. Ours doesn't really do it very much at all now.
The couch, well like everyone else has said, they are head strong and think it's their right to have the best seat in the house, you could put his bed near the couch and try to get him to go in that but he'll only attempt it if he's tired.
Springsteen are known for being strong on the lead, a book we have about training your springer says 6 months is a good time to start training him on a lead, don't forget he's still a baby, you can't expect university levels just yet.
My advice is lots of exercise, work him a bit with some simple puppy commands. Try a puppy training class, if nothing else they are hilarious, and you'll find your pup is an angel compared to some. And enjoy enjoy enjoy.

Dec 20, 2010
Keeps jumping on the couch
by: Anonymous

Ah - the couch. A Springer even when repeatedly reminded otherwise, will assume it has full rights to the couch, your bed, the kids beds, window-cills, the dishwasher, the stairs, the bin, the dining-room table given half a chance.

I held a board meeting at my house once, and mine decided, quite randomly and suddenly, that she would jump-up and run along the back of the sofa and drape herself around the shoulders of my co-director (who was more of a cat-man unfortunately).

This is what you signed-up to.

Don't worry though. They do calm down a bit when they get to 8 or 9 years old.

Dec 15, 2010
by: Mary

our previosu ESS alawys weed a bit when he got too excited. He didn't actually grow out of it. It was mainly on vistors shoes when they fussed him!
You're puppy's still very young. Will probably change as he gets older. Just enjoy him.

Dec 14, 2010
How to stop springers pulling
by: Anonymous

my springer jerry was a puller but my trainer showed me the triangle technique.before you take your springer on his walk keep him close to your leg and walk him in a triangle of about 20 feet BUT dont broadcast the fact that you are changing direction. do this every time you feel him pulling and if this is done before every walk he will eventually stop pulling as he will not know wich way you are walking him.This can also be done in a figure 8 pattern if you can find a couple of park benches or picnic tables on your walk.
keep this exercise to about 5 minutes before his main walk and he will soon get the hang of it.

Dec 14, 2010
naughty pup?
by: Jacks

You have a healthy ESS pup mine is nearly 10 months old and he does EVERYTHING yours is doing .... just like a normal spaniel ...they are renowned for it !! he will grow out of the spraying when excited ...pulling probably never sorry :O)one of their traits and they are very very stubborn and head strong :O) welcome to springers . Enjoy him and don't worry too much :O)

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