16 wk English Springer Spaniel is food obsessed and pulls on lead need help

by Claire
(Leeds, UK)

My 16wk old springer is very well behaved, training is going really well. but we have only two issues at the moment.

He is fantastic off his lead recals on command fetchs, drops loves running and walking with me but put him on a lead pulls like hell only on the way home.

He also seems to be constantly food obsessed. follows everyone round with food including my two little boys, is always sniffing round for crumbs even jumps at kids dinner table.

Does anyone have any advice on how to deal.

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Jan 08, 2014
Reply to food obsessive and pulling on lead NEW
by: Amanda

My 19 week old springer Bob is exactly the same, which is good to know! He is brilliant off lead and loves to fetch and bring his ball back. I take him out for road walks and on the way out he walks great but pulls the whole way home. My hand is red raw, I have a sore shoulder and shin splints, not good. He pulls so much he has given himself sores on his neck and I've spent a small fortune at the vets for treatment to the skin. He is great at his training class, inly happens when homeward bound after a walk! Between that and eating thing in sight, our walks are quite eventful. However, he has bad sickness and runny poo just now, second time in last month. Is this something springers suffer from or just mine???

Jan 01, 2012
springer pulling on leash NEW
by: Gloria

Sounds exactly like my little girl springer Cosmo. If she pulls to hard I stop and wait for her to look at me and say with me and pull her by me. That works for a min and then I have to stop and repeat... It takes a long time to get home. LOL Hopefully she will catch on. :> I am starting her in puppy jr. high next week and hope to work on this.

Jul 12, 2011
by: NICK

Have you tried the Canny collar?it works marvels.you get resistance initially then hey presto what a relief-to your arm muscles that is.i had the same problem of pulling not any more

Mar 22, 2011
Reply to pulling Springer
by: Rob Hewlett

Regarding your Springer pulling you home when walking with the lead.
We had the same problem with our Springer, Sadie.
The minute I would turn around to head home she would pull me all the way home. I even tried tricking her by going around the block thinking she would not know we are going back. But halfway she would start to pull again. she seemed to know that she had gone past the halfway point.
The good news is she grew out of it and now doesn't start to pull until we are a few houses from our home.
Enjoy your Springer,
Rob Hewlett

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