2 Springer Puppies Fighting.

by Lauren

We have a 4 month old male springer who is fantastic! We have just bought home a 8 week old female springer, in the hope of an companion. The male is trying to assert his dominance over the female, however, she is a little head strong to say the least, and ends up in a tussle, which we have to break up. No skin has been broken... yet. It is not 24/7 but is still worrying to see 2 puppies fighting

If anyone has any tips that can help us that would be great.

Thank you

From Anna@love-springer-spaniels.com

Hi there
We had the same issue when we introduced Fidget to George, and the one thing I learnt was you just have to let them fight it out, as long as they are ripping each other to shreds they are just finding their new place in the pack.

Often it sounds so much worse than it really is, and soon you will see them play.

George sounded like he was going to kill Fidget but after 4 weeks of this he started to play with her and now he loves her to bits - it perfectly normal

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Jan 05, 2012
thank you NEW
by: Lauren

Thank you for all your comments.

They have been together now for 1 week. Still early days, but seems to have died down. Found them asleep together this afternoon! Our female is very vocal which I guess makes it sound a lot worse! We crate train them both so have 'time outs' when it gets too much for herm

Fingers crossed they grow closer as they get older.:)

Jan 05, 2012
fighting springers NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a 12 week old Female puppy who often spends time with my sister who has a 1 year old male collie cross and a 5 year old rottweiler female. The rotty does not really bother too much although she will put my pup in her place when she gets a bit too jumpy around her. The collie and my pup get on brilliantly and spend a great deal of the time play fighting. Although this can seem to get quite physical it is really just play. Obviously a 1 year old collie has a lot more stamina than my pup. She has her crate to retreat to when she has had enough as the collie would play all night otherwise. It's really good social interaction and will help her to understand that her biting can be painful. She caused me to have a rather nice nose bleed this morning! Occasionally she will yelp when things get too rough for her and she will often escape to her crate which the collie does not go into.

Jan 05, 2012
Springers fighting NEW
by: Anonymous

My two were the same and now are very protective of eachother, they dote on eachother! Dont worry!

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