2 yr old Cocker Springer mix is aggressive towards others

by PJ
(Thousand Oaks, California, USA)

Please help! My parents cocker springer mix, Mia, is aggressive towards other people and certain dogs. Mia, who is almost 2, is lovable towards my parents and me (every morning when I visit I spend 30 minutes with her in my lap). She is very protective and unless she is crated beforehand she will lunge and snap at people when they come into the house. Twice she stalked my sister and then jumped and bit her in the rear. When she is taken in the car, she will attack the windows and bark viciously at people who approach. She has bitten my mom twice, but the last time my mom put herself in harms way by trying to restrain Mia in the back seat of the car when another person entered their car parked next to my parents.

One vet told my parents it's probably inbreeding and all the training in the world won't work but when I research the breed all I read is how sweet natured they are. I don't understand what's happening to Mia. She is not abused by my parents. She gets lots of attention from me, my mom and 2 little girls next door. But since Mia is now acting unpredictable, my parents aren't allowing the little girls to play with Mia. I am not completely convinced this is not fixable. I don't want Mia to be put down or tranquilized.
I am very upset about this so my question appear to be all over the place. I am just love this dog so much and want to fix this.

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