4 yr old springer spaniel snaps at puppies

by maggie

I have a lovely 4 yr old male springer spaniel.

He was socialised as a puppy and has attended lots of training including gundog work.

About a year ago he started to snap at other dogs particularly puppies if they run up and bounce around him. I suppose he is telling them to back off but it is seen as aggression by the other owner and I wish he wouldn't act in this way and just be playful/friendly back.

How can I get over this problem as I am never sure how he is going to react with new dogs?

He is great with dogs he does know but generally is a little nervous in his temperament.

I have tried giving him a treat when we go past any new dog without a problem which seems to help at the time but i'm not sure about long term. I have read also that you shouldn't shout at them as they think you are joining in and there is something to be worried about.

Any ideas please?

From Anna@love-springer-spaniels.com

Hi there
Is it just puppies? Is he neutered? if not that may help, otherwise he could just be putting them in their place, its not aggression but reminding them he is higher up in the pack.

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