4 yr old welsh springer has started howling, pacing, working herself into a frenzy only when we are out?

Don't understand why she has just stareted exhibiting this behaviour, she is walked twice a day, anything from a 3 to 5 mile (human) walk probably 3 times in spaniel terms per day. Used to be able to leave her for up to 6 hours now no more than 2 before she starts with the howling. When we come back in we ignore her until the hyper behaviour stops, suggestions please! Thanks

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Comments for 4 yr old welsh springer has started howling, pacing, working herself into a frenzy only when we are out?

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Jun 14, 2013
Anxiety when out NEW
by: Anonymous

I think your dog needs something to click her mind out of that state of anxiety and nervousness. Can you get her to sit and look at you? does food stop her from focusing on her nervous thoughts? Make sure you stay extremely calm before you go on your walk - no excitable talk. find her some off leash time on these walks, and vary the route and training along the way. Her howling etc is her way of getting rid of her anxiety. It's ok, but do not soothe with voice. Wait until she calms down, be patient, then reward her calmness with a treat or some affection but wait for submission and calmness first. This may take a while and consistency. Just do not soothe her when she is lathered up. She's not a human and if you watch dog whisperer this will only serve to reward the anxiety.

Jun 06, 2013
Howling NEW
by: Howling

Sounds like a little separation anxiety. That can be stopped with some behavior modification. First, about 15 minutes prior to leaving the house stop interacting with her. Don't speak to her and don't touch her. You don't want to bring attention to the fact that you are getting ready to leave. My collie mix has this problem too, but rather than howling he eats doors. What I have done with him is just mix up the leaving part each day. Sometimes I'll get my keys and purse and take them to the car. Then I'll come back in and finish getting ready to leave. I'll make up a peanut butter Kong and as I walk out the door I'll leave it right in front of him. Never speaking during this time or touching. I also turn the radio on and leave that on while I'm gone. Change your leaving routine up every couple of days so she doesn't get used to the leaving signals.

Jun 05, 2013
suggestion NEW
by: Emma

All mine howl when we go out and get in a frenzy when we get home. Have you thought about setting up a web cam to watch what happens later on.

Suggest filling a king with youghurt fruit or even soup and veh and freezing many hours on fun and will keep them occupied for ages.

Agree with sharon mental stimulation is what a welsh needs they get board very easily.

Jun 05, 2013
Mental stimulation NEW
by: Sharon

Hi, what do you do to keep your Springer mentally stimulated? Do you take her on varied routes when you walk her?
Do you try and teach her new tricks/do things to engage her brain? One thing I do is "seek seek" - where I hide her biscuits in either my left or right hand and she has to sniff out which hand it is in... this can progress to hiding them all around a room and the dog sniffing the biscuit out.
They're such intelligent animals she may just be a bit bored!
Hope it gets sorted, x

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