6 Year old Springer Spaniel not socialized

We got our dog when she was 4 months old. The guy we bought her from said she had been socialized and played with his grandchildren.

We later found out he had no grandchildren and the dog was not socialized. She is scared of anything or anybody new. We have tried to introduce her to things in a calm, safe way but she is still very frightened. Is there any way to socialize a dog this age?

From Anna@love-springer-spaniels.com

Hi there
I am not sure how to approach this, so I would advise that you speak with your vet to see if they can recommend an animal behaviourist to work with. Good luck and let us knw how you get on.

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May 23, 2011
by: Michele

As Anna said, speak to your vet. But I will offer you a couple of ideas also.

Walk your dog, daily if possible, in an area where there are several people of all ages. A shopping center is perfect for this. Give her a couple of days to get used to seeing different people, then start asking people to approach her & pet her, if they haven't already done so. While this is happening, you speak softly to her just letting her know it's okay and that she's a good dog.

Secondly, find a dog park or a kennel that specializes in doggie day care. Being around other dogs can do wonders for dogs with no self confidence. If you go to the dog park (and it's an off-leash park) keep her leased at first. Just walk around and let other dogs approach her. Again, speak softly to her & let her know this is okay.

My last suggestion is obedience training. Not only will you and your dog benefit from some basic obedience, but it gives her a chance to be around people & other dogs. Your dog trainer can probably offer some help with her fear problem too. Be sure to choose a reputable obedience class like one give by an dog training club. I would stay away from classes give at the pet store.

Fear can be difficult to overcome, but it can usually be done with a lot of patience & exposure to the things that cause her fright. Good luck!

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