7 month old springer - is he too thin?

by Lisa

Our 7 month old springer - Stan - is a very active pup. He does not stand still for a minute. He gets three meals of junior active food each day but we are worried that he is too thin.

If he was a teenage boy he would be'lanky'. He has muscels in his chest, shoulders, legs as he gets plenty of exercise, but his waist seems pinched and you can see his rib cage when he moves about. We are not sure if he is just growing and will fill out over time or if he is just burning off his calories too quickly. It seems that we feed him, he is then filled with more energy and runs around non stop.

We are hoping it is nothing serious. Think it might be wise to get him checked out by the vet, or are we worrying too much?


From Anna@love-soringer-spaniels.com

Hi Lisa
Make sure he is wormed as he may be eating well but if he has worms he won't get the nutriton. You have him on an active food which is good and he is eating. You may want to get the vet to check him over just to be sure there is nothing else wrong with him.

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Dec 24, 2011
To thin NEW
by: Anonymous

We have two springers. We feed them 2 cups of food a day. Then I put some green beans about 1 cup of green beans on top of the food for a filler for them. We feed them blue buffalo dog food. Kind of exspensive but very good for the dogs. Dont buy the cheap dogfood has to many by products in them. Its better to have your dogs thin then to over weight. Springers can be thin because of how active. Our one springer is 7 months and she is 30 lbs and our other springer is almost 3 and weighs 50

May 26, 2011
7 month old springer
by: Bev

Hi there i have a six month old springer bitch and she is exactly the same, they still need to fill out.but still make sure hes wormed. i call it the teenage stage cause they look so lanky.

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