7-month-old female springer chases the cat

by Leslie

Is there anything I can do to get my spaniel to stop chasing and barking at the cat? My female cat is 3 years old and my springer is 7-months. I have had the cat for two years longer than my dog. The cat tries to fight back when the dog seeks her out just to bark and chase her. This usually ends in the cat running and hiding somewhere the dog can't get her. I am getting frustrated and hoping to fix this problem before my puppy gets any bigger and it becomes a habit hard to fix! Please help!


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Aug 13, 2013
ess pup and 4 cats NEW
by: mel

We had a similar problem. Our pup wanted to play with our 4 cats as though they were other puppies. They tolerated her and tended not to hiss or swipe at her much. It was interesting to watch how they behaved together at meal times. They would all happily manage to get their heads in any bowl, regardless of my frantic efforts to feed puppy and cats separately, so they clearly didn't hate each other.The big change happened when we went on holiday. Our pup went back to her mum and brother for the week and had intensive doggy play. When she came back she seemed to know that cats aren't dogs! She is sometimes a little boisterous, but soon stops when given a stare and told 'don't hurt the cats'. She's seven and as half months now.

Jul 12, 2013
Tries to fight back? NEW
by: Sasha

You say that your cat tries to fight back? Doe she actually smack him with a paw or hiss. If she doesn't I would recommend you take some time everyday to sit with them in a room where the cat can't hide and lock them in with you.

For this thought your cat needs to be relatively well behaved in the sense that she will sit with you and listen to you when you talk to her.
Then you put your cut on your lap and allow the puppy to come closer ( don't let your cat run away from you or the dog, keep her on your lap, if your cat isn't used to this I think you might struggle but not sure how else to do this. My cat trusts me completely and is relatively well behaved so if I'm holding her she will never struggle or claw to get away). Then if the puppy barks, paws at her, tries to nip or anything you use your command to stop him (like NO)or push him away so he learns that he is not allowed to chase her. The problem with hunting dogs is usally that when something runs they chase, its instinct and it can escalate if they are chasing another pet. Also if your mediating it'll teach the cat how to interact with the dog ( always watch for the eyes but I don't think a good smack from the cat now and again is a bad thing for dogs) When we introduced my cat and dog to each other I taught my dog the command GENTLE so whenever he just calmy sniffed her or did the correct behaviour I said GENTLE and praised him. So now when they play and he gets a bit rough I can tell him to be gentle cause she is so small and he calms down with her. Also though my cat was completely feral when we rescued her so she wasn't afraid to defend herself in the beggining and my dog learnt quite quickly that the cat came with claws and to respect it.

Offcourse if you have a friend with a cat who is very used to dogs and puppies you could take your puppy there. Many of my friends bring their dogs to us so they can socialise with my cat and learn how to behave with cats since she is quite happy with other dogs.

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