D-day or should I say Bday.

Yes today is the day I loose my balls!!!! These two small pieces of grissle have dictated all that I do for the past 4 years, but now they are getting in the way of my relationship with my human brother and sister, so they are going yikes!!!!

Apparently I will then be able to concentrate on just being a dog with no responsibility, I am looking forward to that, but I wanted to post the question, what do I now lick?????

I think I am getting off lightly though. I know some dogs are entirely governed by theirs but I am not so sure about me. I did come across a very pretty cocker lady on heat and just lay down no knowing what to, so it is not going to be as hard for me as it has been for some in the past.

On the plus side I am down at Grandmas at the moment, I am having the op with her and staying for a couple of weeks to recover so I will be spoilt.


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