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Springer Spaniel Updates
March 23, 2010

So much has been added to the site over the past few months we have been working hard on keeping your visitor experience the best we can give you, and make our site the best possible springer spaniel site on the internet.

Whats new?

We have been working hard on developing new content for you to read; we thought we would point out some of our newest additions.

Springer Spaniel Memorial
Your place to tell the world about those amazing springer spaniels you have owned that have passed over. They may be gone but they are definitely not forgotten. Here is your opportunity to imortalise their wonderful lives on the internet.

Springer Rage Diagnosis
Our guide to what are your options if your Springer Spaniel is ever diagnosed with this terrible condition. There are options available to you.

Worming your Springer Spaniel
Your complete guide to why you should worm your Springer Spaniel and how often you should do it.

A guide to ticks and your Springer Spaniel
While we are talking of worming, its fast coming in to the Tick season, you should make sure your springer spaniel is fully protected, here is a cautionary tale as you why this is so important.

Springer Spaniel Supplements
Our guide to the supplements you may want to consider giving to your springer spaniel to keep them in tip top springing condition.

Springer Spaniel Docking A very devisive topic but we felt we could not keep an article about docking out of the site.

Combating destructive behaviour in your Springer Spaniel
Our guide on how to stop your Springer Spaniel wrecking your home.

We Need Your Springer Top Tips

Do you have any tips that make life a little easier for you and your Springer? Any tips on saving money, grooming, training, exercising or anything else? Then let us know. Our Top tips pages are very popular but I need your input to add content. So let the springing world know.

We Are On Twitter

Well George is, if you want to follow him here he is:

He gives daily updates of his adventures and would love to find out what you guys are up to. Why don't you join in?

Have Your Say

Finally, constructive criticism is always welcome. If you feel any of the articles could be improved, or you want to see something else on the site, please let me know. I really am working hard to ensure this is a fantastic site for Springer lovers, so your feedback is important for the overall improval of the site. There is new content being added weekly, so I would love to hear your views, thoughts and ideas on how the site could develop for our Springer Community.

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