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Vets and health check
September 25, 2009

Welcome to the next edition of the Springer Report, to tell you all that's new on and all that has been happening. Its been a month of vet visits for George so I have pulled together a health check guide for you to keep your springing pals in tip top condition.

Springer Of The Month - Nellie Belle

Springer of the month has to be Nellie Belle I mean What a Cutie. A huge thanks to Betsy for the picture and the huge support she has given the site.

Nellie Belle's Springer Page

Thanks to everyone who sent in photos this month.

If you think that you can do better, then submit pictures of your Springers to;

Your Springers Health

What price would you put on your Springers health? Well if you are anything like me, there isn't anything you wouldn't do for them so here are some guides to support you in keeping you springer happy and healthy.

Immunisations are the first step in keeping the nasty illnesses at bay, make sure that your springer is vaccinated and that their boosters are up to date, its easy to for the boosters. Check out the guide I have written for you.

Diet What goes in reflects your Springers health, so make sure you are feeding your springer the right diet using the guide I have written you. You may also want to check out my guide to dog food

Insure your Springer

We have had a month of vet visits for George, with dog flu, tumors and bad ears I would be lost of not broke without pet insurance. Springers are prone to illness and injury due to their active lifestyle and breeding, so I cannot emphasis enough the importance of pet insurance for your Springer. More details are found in the article linked below.

Springer Spaniel Insurance


Grooming is vital to keeping the vet at bay, especially their ears, so check out the picture grooming guide to keep your Springer pal in top health.

Grooming guides

We Need Your Springer Top Tips

Do you have any tips that make life a little easier for you and your Springer? Any tips on saving money, grooming, training, exercising or anything else? Then let us know. Our Top tips pages are very popular but I need your input to add content. So let the springing world know.

We Are On Twitter

Well George is, if you want to follow him here he is:

He gives daily updates of his adventures and would love to find out what you guys are up to. Why don't you join in?

Have Your Say

Finally, constructive criticism is always welcome. If you feel any of the articles could be improved, or you want to see something else on the site, please let me know. I really am working hard to ensure this is a fantastic site for Springer lovers, so your feedback is important for the overall improval of the site. There is new content being added weekly, so I would love to hear your views, thoughts and ideas on how the site could develop for our Springer Community.

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