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How is your Springer Spaniel's Diet?
July 20, 2009

Welcome to the next edition of the Springer Report, to tell you all that's new on Thank you for your continued support, we are going from strength to strength and building our base.

So what's new on the site that you may be interested in?

Springer Of The Month - Archie

Springer of the month has to be Archie this time. With a picture like this he would melt the hardest of hearts.

Archies Springer Page

Thanks to everyone who sent in photos this month.

If you think that you can do better, then submit pictures of your Springers to;

Springer Spaniel Dog Food

We have set up a section looking at Dog food, whats in it and what is best for your Springer. We have done our own reviews and have our recommendations (US foods only at this moment in time) but UK reviews will be coming soon.

What you feed your Springer has a huge impact on their health and behavior so its worth investing in good food for them.

You can find out what we have discovered and see if your Springer Spaniel has the best diet.

Springer Spaniel Gifts

We have created a Springer Spaniel gifts section. We ourselves are not selling these products but we have collated a whole variety of links for you so you can buy either yourself or a springer loving friend the perfect gift.

Springer News

I had to show you this wonderful story about a Sniffer Springer who loves to play scrabble in his spare time.

Puppy Pictures

We have added more puppy pictures

If you have any pictures we can add to our galleries then please send them to me at

and we can post them on the site for you, giving Springer lovers their picture fix

We Need Your Springer Top Tips

Do you have any tips that make life a little easier for you and your Springer? Any tips on saving money, grooming, training, exercising or anything else? Then let us know. Our Top tips pages are very popular but I need your input to add content. So let the springing world know.

We Are On Twitter

Well George is, if you want to follow him here he is:

He gives daily updates of his adventures and would love to find out what you guys are up to. Why don't you join in?

Have Your Say

Finally, constructive criticism is always welcome. If you feel any of the articles could be improved, or you want to see something else on the site, please let me know. I really am working hard to ensure this is a fantastic site for Springer lovers, so your feedback is important for the overall improval of the site. There is new content being added weekly, so I would love to hear your views, thoughts and ideas on how the site could develop for our Springer Community.

Pay it forward - If you enjoy this eZine, do a Springer-loving friend a huge favour and sent it to them so that they can subscribe and receive future editions.

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