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Springer Report, Issue #001 -- Show us your Springers
May 08, 2009

Welcome to the very first edition of what I hope will be many Springer Reports. So a huge, huge thank you for subscribing to my report!!!!

You have made all this hard work all the more worthwhile. At first, building a website is a bit like standing in an auditorium speaking - you have no idea if anyone is listening. But by signing up you have at least made me realise that the site is getting something right - Phew!

Now this ezine has started, I have to keep on my toes and ensure more good quality articles and pages keep appearing, maybe you can help. Read on for more info.

So what's new on the site that you may be interested in?

Show us your Springers!!!!

Show us your Springers is all about you and your Spaniel. It is your opportunity to tell us all about your Springer. You can submit a photo, and tell the world how wonderful yours is. You can even talk about your Spinger's antics - make the rest of us smile and tell us all about it in the "Your Springer Spaniels" section which is found here.

If you don't fancy writing anything, you can always just submit a photo to the rogue's gallery, which has recently opened for all your Springers. Send me a URL of the photo you want uploading and I will take the picture and put it in the rogue's gallery.

Afterall we all think we have the most beautiful dogs in the world - well we do, don't we. Let's not get all competitive about this!!!!!

So send us your pictures, in future editions of the report I will announce the best picture of the month.

Springer Spaniel FAQs

Do you have a Springer query? Well why not pose your question on the site, if I can't answer, I am sure one of the many other Springer members on this site can help.

The link to this new section can be found at

Springer Spaniels in the News

I would love to hear about Springer stories from across the world, as they never cease to fascinate and amuse me. To start this idea off, I had to share this link with you all. This is a Springer Spaniel who had bone cancer and had his leg amputated, but in true Springer Spaniel grit fashion, not only has he got on with his life, he is excelling. He now does agility! Check out the video at this link

More Springer Spaniels in the news here:

If you have any stories or see any in your local or national news, feel free to drop me a line or the URL.

Springer Top Tips

Nobody is perfect and I certainly don't know everything there is to know about Springers. That's why I thought that a Top Tips section would be useful to us all. These tips are to make caring, grooming, training and generally owning Springers that little bit easier.

The best Tip I received this month was from Marianne in Germany: Her tip was for getting those matted balls of fur safely out of her Springer's toes? Invest in a pair of surgical scissors with the blunt ends, it makes removing those matted balls of fur in their feet much easier and safer. Your Springer will appreciate it.

If you have a Springer Top Tip, then submit it to me and you may see it in the next edition!

Have your say.

Finally, constructive criticism is always welcome. If you feel any of the articles could be improved or you want to see something else on the site, please let me know. I really am working hard to ensure this is a fantastic site for Springer lovers, so your feedback is important for the overall improval of this site. There is new content being added weekly, so I would love to hear your views, thoughts and ideas on how the site could develop for our Springer Community.

Pay it forward - If you enjoy this eZine, do a Springer-loving friend a huge favour and sent it to them so that they can subscribe and receive future editions.

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