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Springer Report, Issue #002 -- Show us your Springer Videos
June 01, 2009

Welcome to the next edition of the Springer Report, to tell you all thats new on Thank you for your continued support, we are going from strength to strength and building our base. Hopefully we can soon have that forum we aspire so much to have.

So what's new on the site that you may be interested in?

Springer Of The Month - VEGAS!

The title of Springer of the month for June goes to Vegas as, in this awesome photo, he is driving his own car! Many thanks to his owner Jennifer (from Ontario Canada).

Thanks to everyone who sent in photos this month, to read all about Vegas and see his pictures, here he is:

If you think that you can do better, then submit pictures of your Springers to

Tick Tactics

It is the season of those dreaded ticks. You know how it goes; you curl up with your springer at the end of the day and while stroking him you feel that dreaded lump - yuck its a tick. Well all is not lost; I have written you a full guide to recognising and removing ticks.

Springing Videos

We have launched a page of Springer Videos, including some great ones of George (if i say so myself). The first one was taken this weekend of him springing in a meadow, set to some very suitable music

If you have any more that you want me to laod, then send me the url to the 'you tube' and I can embed the video into the site.

Preparing Your Springer For The Arrival Of A Baby

If you are expecting, or know anyone who is expecting, then the new article on preparing your springer for a baby is well worth the read. Based upon my experince over the past 2 years where I managed to have 2 babies!!

Springer Pack Updates

I have developed the pack psychology pages to include more details on how to assert yourself as the alpha of your pack. This may help to reduce any behavioural problems and generally take any leadership responsility off their shoulders. Hope they meet your requirements. You need to know how to act like an Alpha dog around your Springer; sending those everyday messages that you are the dominant dog will relieve your Springer of any responsibility Where both you, and your Springer Spaniel, sleep will send out status signals to your Springer, but it can also influence the responsibility your Springer feels for your family's protection as I found out recently. Where, when and how both you, and your Springer, eat will send a message to your dog about your respective positions in the pack order. By inserting these small rituals everyday into your routines, you are sending the message to your dog that you are the boss because you control feeding for the pack.

Springer Spaniel FAQs - Help Jake the Destructive Springer

We are doing well on helping guests with their questions but we could do with some more contributions from you guys, especially regarding one case.

Jake is a very destructive rescue springer, but the owner desperately wants to keep him. I have given the owner some advice in the comments box, but please take a look and see if there is anything more you can add to help this Springer stay in his loving home

We Need Your Springer Top Tips

Do you have any tips that make life a little easier for you and your Springer? Any tips on saving money, grooming, training, exercising or anything else? Then let us know. Our Top tips pages are very popular but I need your input to add content. So let the springing world know

We Are On Twitter

Well George is, if you want to follow him here he is:

He gives daily updates of his adventures and would love to find out what you guys are up to. Why don't you join in?

Have Your Say

Finally, constructive criticism is always welcome. If you feel any of the articles could be improved, or you want to see something else on the site, please let me know. I really am working hard to ensure this is a fantastic site for Springer lovers, so your feedback is important for the overall improval of the site. There is new content being added weekly, so I would love to hear your views, thoughts and ideas on how the site could develop for our Springer Community.

Pay it forward - If you enjoy this eZine, do a Springer-loving friend a huge favour and sent it to them so that they can subscribe and receive future editions.

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