A few small general Springer Spaniel questions.

by Debbie

Hi my boyfriend and I have bought a Springer from a breeder that we are due to pick up on Saturday.

I have been reading everything about the breed that I can lay my hands on but still have a few small questions as I have never had a dog before and am intent on learning as much as I can.

Firstly How often should he be fed a day? Secondly my boyfriend works 1(ish) until 9pm, is this a problem? He has said that he can come home and feed him about 4ish if it is or he can change to different shift if possible?

I do have more free time so I can be there if needs be. I know they are very sociable animals so I don't want to leave him alone for that time if it is going to affect his well being.

My boyfriend gets up very early in the morning so can give him plenty of exercise and attention then, but it is possible to adjust our schedules if it is going to be a big problem?

From Anna@love-springer-spaniels.com

Hi Debbie
Congrats on your new addition, I am envious as it's so exciting bringing a new puppy home, nearly as exciting as bringing my two babies back from hospital after they were born.

It's great to hear you have been doing your research. Springer Spaniels are a fantastic breed but they do need a fair bit of knowledge to ensure there are no behavioral problems usually around exercise and training, and if you have done all this preparation you will be in a good position to head any of these off.

In answer to your Questions
1)How often should I feed him?
We have a Springer Spaniel Puppy Diet page that will help you out with this. But here is a short summary.

From weaning to 18 weeks old, it was recommended that you feed your puppy 4 meals a day at regular intervals.

From 4 months until your puppy reaches 9 months feed them 3 times a day.

Finally, from 9 months up until your puppy is about 18 months old, I would recommend following the guidance of 2 meals a day. These meals are best given to your puppy in the morning and evening, as it should suit both you and your puppy's routine.

I would highly recommend that you use a hypoallergenic dog food. I have seen the change in a Springer overnight when we shifted their food from a standard popular brand to a hypoallergenic brand. They calmed down so much and were not so manic.

I would highly recommend Burns food. Its what I give George. The other brand I use is James Wellbeloved.

2)What about timings?
As for your timings, you need to set a routine that works for both you and your Springer Spaniel. As long as he is not being left all day on his own with no exercise, they need it little and often as pups and loads as they get older.

I take George on 12 mile runs and he still looks at me at the ends as if to say "is that it?"

However from what you have said it seems that time for exercise has been well though through.

When he is a pup he will need to be let out quite a bit as part of house training (check out the guide for more details) so you may have to get a friend to let him out every couple of hours or so while he is younger while you are at work so he can pee but he should be fine as he gets older, especially if he has been well exercised throughout the day.

I hope that helps you out and answers your questions. Good luck and don't hesitate to come back to me with any more queries

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