A Happy Springer Ending

by Mrs Nikki Stevenson

Our story starts on a somber note but finishes on a very happy one.

Within last couple of years, we have lost our girls, Holly, who sadly passed away with cancer 2 years ago, (she was 14) and Hannah, who died last year of natural causes, (she was 15), they were x collie Alsatian sisters and we rescued them from the USPCA ( Ulster Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)when we were posted to NI (my hubby is in the army)From the day we brought them home, they never left our sides, they traveled the world with us,our best friends!!

When Holly died,it was hard for us to see Hannah on her own and it tore me apart when i had to leave her in the house when i left for work in the mornings, leaving her looking out the window, watching me walk away! She adjusted tho as did we, even tho we missed our holl's everyday. 3 months passed and my hubby was away on a course. While he was a way a friend mentioned to him that he had a Springer Spaniel called penny, even tho he loved her to bits, unfortunately, due to being away a lot he couldn't give her the attention that she needed, he told my hubby that if he couldn't find her a loving home then he would have to put her into a dogs home. My hubby bit his arm off and said that we would have her, at first i thought it was too soon after Holly but then how could i let penny go into a dogs home!!

So we arranged to go and see her and as soon as we stepped over the threshold, penny was there, proudly showing us her cuddly toy,tail wagging, we fell in love with her there and then!!

Even tho Hannah and pen only had a year together, they became the best of friends and pen gave hannah a new lease of life!

Penny has brought so much happiness and comfort through sad times when we lost Holly and Hannah.We love our Pen!!

Penny is such a loving, beautiful dog she always makes us smile even when we are having bad days...and your right when you say springers are mud magnets....lol

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Jan 08, 2010
by: Nikki

Thanks for you comments...:O) pen is stretched out on her comfy bed having a good old snooze. although her snooring is louder than a jumbo jet landing or taking off..lol

Jan 02, 2010
Gotta Luv Springers
by: Gary

Your story bought a tears & smiles to us. Thanks for sharing.

Gary, Susan & Ruby

Dec 31, 2009
Happy Springer ending
by: Estie

That is a wonderful story! Thank you so much for taking the time to share it with us!

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