A Springers Name

A Springer Spaniels name

A Springers Name is his identity, his joie de vivre, his essence. So how do I manage to pull off the name of George!!!!

Well I came with the name George, named after the great character off Blackadder, a Prince Regent in one season and a brave soldier in the First World War in another season. Nothing is more fitting for a Springer Spaniel.

My uncle Mungo wasn't always called that, when he was sacked from the Bomb squad for having the attention span of a goldfish, he had the name of Ringo, but George and Ringo was a bit too much like the Beatles. So he was named Mumgo after the Great Irish Explorer, Mungo Parks, who mum's grandfather fought with in the second world war.

So that got me thinking? There must be some great stories behind all us Springers and our names? So we have set up a section to tell us What and Why have you named your Springer Spaniel? We want to find out the best tales behind your chosen names and therefore inspire future springer owners and help them name their new arrivals.

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