A Tribute To Sooper Dooper Cooper the Springer Spaniel

by Melody
(Blue Ridge, GA USA)

February 22, 2010-January 5, 2011

Cooper was all boy-and all mine-I was all his

On January 5th Cooper awoke as usual next to Mom and enjoyed a long play time in bed. This was an unusual bond between dog and man...he gave unconditional love and companionship to Mom during a difficult chapter in her life...it was Mom and Cooper against the world! Cooper offered to everyone his "never met a stranger" personality and a fierce loyalty to his Mom.

He was buried at home that day with his "Prayer Bear", some stick trophies and a large portion of Mom's heart. Please read further to find out about Cooper's exceptional and funny life:

He was a Florida-born boy, even tho he traveled and lived in Florida, S.C., and finally settled in the mountains of North Georgia where he lived and played until his death.

Cooper arrived in this world along with (5) other siblings who all found warm, tropical homes in Florida. He arrived in mom's world on May 2nd after "Papa Bates" led a run around the "Datil Dew" property.

Mom hand-picked him as to his coloring patterns, but most of all because of his unpretentious eyes that said "pick me." He was not particularly the largest of the pack, but was just a good armful of ears and fur. He said goodbye to his regal mother and father and began his journey with Mom.

They settled in an old historic neighborhood while awaiting Aunt Cindy's return to civilization. He was introduced to a new backyard of lush grass and chain-linked fence...and to a place of his own in Mom's bed. Not a toy was overlooked in the local thrift stores, and if he could have talked, he would have said "Mom! Enough is enough!" Little did anyone suspect what would become his favorite toy when he dragged in a 5 ft. crepe myrtle limb! This was just the beginning! During this time he was paid a visit by his much larger and older cousin, Ringo, who had earlier created a burning desire in Mom's heart for a dog like Ringo.

He finally met his Aunt Cindy and all three moved into a beautiful apartment where Mom and an ever-growing Cooper shared a single bed. There was only one drawback ...leash life! He had to drag Mom along everywhere he went! During these walks he had his first encounter with felines, birds, squirrels and other canines who always wanted to bark instead of sniffing and playing! As before, his favorite pastime was sneaking in sticks and pine cones which he shredded and distributed throughout the apartment in short order. He also made a determinate detour to the pool and experienced his first chance to dive, swim and drip dry.

Then came his brief stay in S.C with Mom and her son, Kelly, on a l,400 acre farm and an introduction to a new family of 12 labs and the duck decoy! This decoy was half his weight but he carried it high and proud with a little strut in his gait...as if he knew he had come into his own as a flusher or retriever...but this was not to be.

As the days passed it was apparent that he was on a different mission...one to secure a bigger and better stick. Mom soon became jealous that these sticks would replace her as his first love.

In late autumn Mom, Kelly, and Cooper moved back to Georgia and to his new Dad, Pete...including new half-brothers, Odie, the lab mix, and Shadow, a cousin breed of cocker spaniel.

The last eight weeks of his life turned out to be any dog's dream of a lifetime...
verdant green fields among forests chock full of deer and chipmunks, stream banks to dig for moles, snowfalls to frolic in and enjoyed his first Christmas tree and lots of Santa treats.

He grew in stature and Mom looked forward to many years of love and licks. He soon obtained his life's dream and calling of finding the ultimate stick! by dragging up a log of oak weighing at least l0 lbs.! At this moment he earned his nickname of Stick Man.

His life was sadly short but filled to the brim with almost every experience a dog could wish for.

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Jan 30, 2011
Best Friend
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for your loss. It is so hard to loose your "best friend". My heart goes out to you.

Jan 29, 2011
So sorry for your loss.
by: Betsy Kiehl

As I read your tribute, tears came to my eyes. I so feel your loss, having lost my 14 yr. old springer over 1 1/2 ago. It is difficult to lose a beloved pet, however I see that your time with Cooper was full of fun experiences that you will always treasure. Bless you, and bless Cooper.

Jan 29, 2011
by: Michele

I'm so sorry for the loss of your beloved Cooper. It's so difficult letting our best friends go. I hope you'll find it in your heart to bring another great friend home.

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