Adopting two Springer Spaniels

by Richard Kaumans
(Olympia, WA.)

My wife and I are considering adopting two sisters, they are both 8 years young, and their pet Mother must give them up because she is moving and cannot take her Springers with her.

We have only had Great Danes, and never a Springer. What advice can you give us for adopting not only one but two Springers. Oh I must add that my wife is in a wheelchair, and how will these two girls deal with a wheelchair.



Hi Richard
Thank you for your post.

I think adopting two springer spaniels is great as they will always have someone who truly understands them.

I would give the same advice to anyone adopting one springer spaniel as I woudl for someone adopting two.

First you need to consider what adopting a springer involves check out my Choosing a Springer Guide as this covers all your considerations.

You need to think about all the Springer Essentials you need such as bowls beds etc

Springers require a huge amount of exercise so you will need to think about how you are going to achieve that.

As for your wife's wheelchair, try testing the waters before you bring them home. introduce them to the chair outside in their current environment so it won't be a huge shock to them when they first arrive and you can gauge from then on how they will react to it and if you need to do any work with them to desensitize them

I hope that answers your question, please don't hesitate to ask any more if you need to.

Good luck

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