The Adult Springer Diet

The adult springer diet must compliment his exercise regime. You have an adult dog that is being exercised on a daily basis, you walk 3 miles and they walk about 10 in the same time due to their rummaging round in the undergrowth.

So they need a good high calorie diet that is appropriate for an active dog.

Frequency of Feeding

After the age of 18 months, the adult Springer diet should be contained in a single meal per day, however I do tend to indulge George and he gets a small slice of bread in the mornings as his breakfast, but that is probably more for me than his nutritional requirements.

What should I feed my adult dog?

If you have had your Springer from a puppy and he is happy on his puppy food, see if the manufacturer makes an adult version, as it will be less likely to upset his tummy when and if you change to it.

Adult Springer Spaniel

There are many different adult dog foods on the market ranging from dry, to tinned food with dry mixers or even a fresh diet. These will all range in quality, and cost, but you must decide what you want to feed your dog. My advice is not to give your dog the cheapest diet, frankly if you want a healthy dog you have to pay for a good dog food.

The adult Springer diet I feed George is an additive-free dry food, but I mix it daily with some cooked frozen minced beef or lamb that I have cooked in a bit of water to create a gravy. This adds a real meaty taste to his food and makes his dry food nice and soft. I have heard that dogs like their food more if it is warmed up, so the mince cooked in water makes it all the more appealing for him.

To see check if your dog food is right for your Springer you will need to check their stools. A healthy stool should be firm and dark brown. Anything that is runny or funny coloured means that their digestive system is not coping with their food, so you may need to look at changing it.

If you see blood or slime in their stools, it could be a sign of colitis, which can be the result of a food intolerance. My advice is, if you find this, then take your Springer straight to the vet so they can investigate further. You should not confuse this with a dog clearing his glands though.

Additive Free diets.

As I have an English Springer Spaniel, a breed well known for their hyperactivity, I have always fed George an additive-free, adult Springer diet. I discovered this about 10 years ago when my parents were advised by a vet to feed their hyperactive rescue dog, Mungo, an additive-free diet to help him calm down. It really worked a treat, so I cannot recommend this highly enough, especially if you have a very hyperactive Springer.

How much should I feed my Springer?


Check the manufactures guidelines on the size of portion you should be feeding your dog. You also need to factor in the treats you give your dog, on a daily basis, as part of their adult Springer diet, as these do all add up and you don’t want to be overfeeding your dog, otherwise you can end up with a tubby Springer.

What if they don’t eat?

If your dog does not eat the food that you offer him, take the bowl away after 20 minutes or so. This is to reinforce the pack psychology, as a dog that is low down in the pack should not be able to pick and choose when he eats. If you are worried that your dog will starve, don’t. Dogs being animals will not allow themselves to go hungry, they will eat eventually. Clearly if you dog is persistently not eating anything, you should take her to a vet to be checked out.

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