Aggressive Springer Spaniel

by Linda
(Greenbush, VA )

Is it common in a Springer Spaniel to be aggressive with its owner? Mine is a 1 1/2 year old male English Springer Spaniel and has bitten me twice and lunged at me a couple of times in the past 3 days. I don't know what to do.

From Anna@love-springer-spaniels

Hi Linda
You must show him that you are the pack leader and he must submit to your commands.

It sounds a though he thinks he is the leader and you must take command and show him his place the pack or he will always do it. It may sound harsh but you must be firm and once he knows his place he should be much better. Don`t back down from him. All the details of what you need to do are listed in the link attached, good luck

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Jun 16, 2018
Create a sense of security NEW
by: Anonymous

I just saw a BBC program about aggressive dogs. Springer Spaniels are known for sudden aggressiveness in some individuals.

Assuming the program knew what it was talking about, one trick would be to create a sense of security. Laughter is a sentiment the dogs recognize, so use that. If the dog is confident with one person, but not others, let this person laugh, when other people enter the room, to show that the other person is not a threat.

And make sure it knows that you feed it, obviously.

I would really like to know if this works in general, or only in some cases, like the example in the BBC program.

Apr 22, 2014
Aggressive Sprollie NEW
by: Kat

My boy is 3 he is a rescue from a back street breeder at 9 weeks old so he has grown up with me but he is constantly growling snarling an snapping at me when I try to pet him or if I want him to move or if I tell him off he also snaps at strangers and other dogs (he was attacked badly last year by a dog so now is very defensive around them) but I can't understand his aggression towards other people who he has never meet before and me and my family including my 13 year old brother I have tried Clicker training correction spray and god old fashioned shouting an a smack on the nose which resulted in me being bitten so i am at a total lose as to what to do next is it a confidence thing or a dominance thing

Dec 31, 2012
21 Month old NEW
by: Sophie Lynn

my springer spanial 21 month old puppy has had servier aggression issue towards men since me having him but last year or so hes become extremly aggressive including biting me i just dont know what to do with him have you got any advice i could use to stop him or is it too late? hes bitting and ripping the skin. usually hes the happy dog which is ok with everyone but he can flip and hes not the same dog i got he changes
if anyone knows anything can you email me

Sep 25, 2012
Agressive Springer Spaniel NEW
by: Roberta

Hi, I too have a Springer Spaniel, who shows agression every so often. He is 2 yrs old.I find that if he is very active and working in the field, and he has to give me back a toy or something of that kind, he grabs my sleeve, and bites right through, and snarls at the same time. Apart from that you couldn't get a more loving and placid dog. I try to get him quiet and calm and all the things trainers tell you to do, but I'm close to stopping his field stuff because I can't stand it any longer. When I play toys at home, he is totally different.

Jun 12, 2012
Springer's Aggression NEW
by: Craig

I have a six month old ESS and he's great. The only aggressive behavior I have seen thus far his aggressive barking towards golf balls when I take him golfing. I would advise ESS owners to make sure your dog is exercised fully each day, make sure your dog is mentally exercised as well, this should helo.

Mar 19, 2012
Mean dog NEW
by: Anonymous

My dog has springer rage, she has bitten everyone in my family. She is so mean. Does this mean we need to put her down??? She made a go to the ER and im so over it.

Jan 10, 2012
my springer NEW
by: Anonymous

my springer is 7 know and over the last cople of months he is getting very agresive he snarills all the time he is fine with my 2 eldist but growels alot at my youngest some days u cant even speak 2 him or walk by him gettin worried will i have 2 put him down

Jul 14, 2011
ALPHA ROLL- BAD for you and dog
by: Annieb51

To the October '09 poster, what you did was called an ALPHA ROLL. This is a very dangerous thing to do ad is no longer used anywhere in training classes. You flip a dog on Its back and it gets scared, you can lose your FACE to him/her! We have raised 2 sets of Springers, out of the 4, one of my females had a bit of a nasty temper. We think it came from her Mom, as she was aggressive when picking out the pups. We worked with Bailey by VOICE only, and eventually she turned into a great dog! She literally has more compassion than the other 3 dogs. She loves everyone, and no one would ever expect that she ever had a problem. At 11 now, she can get cranky and soft-growl when you try to move her, but I also softly say NO back to her, wait a couple seconds and then a bit louder tell HER to MOVE. She moves, end of story. Again, DO NOT EVER alpha roll a dog unless you want an ER bill and many stitches, dogs feel vulnerable on their backs. You can reach behind their necks, grab them by the scruff of their neck and loudly say NO, that sometimes works. But, this way you keep your hand where the dog cannot bite you. Besides, how would you lime it if someone nastily rolled you or your back?? Think about it!!!!!

Jul 08, 2011
Worst Springer Ever
by: Anonymous

I had a springer spaniel and lab mix. He had major aggression issues with everyone outside the immediate family. We finally had to put him down last week. He would destroy everything, urinate, chase dogs and people, and has bitten a family member. He could get out of chainlink kennels,jump fences, open dead bolted doors and even unlock and open windows and jump out.My neigbors were terrified....and I had tried everything, but he was to determined for me so in the end I know this needed to be done. :(

Oct 11, 2009
Agreessive behavior
by: Anonymous

If you ever have a chance to watch videos on Wolves or Coyotes watch how a pack leader controls the pack.

He will actual place the animal to be controlled on his back and hold him/her until the aggression stops.

I myself have done this with a foster I had. He was very aggressive towards my Springer Spaniel and when he started to go for him I yelled no at him and flipped him on his back and with my hand on his chest held him in that position until he got the message.

I had to do this twice and after the second time he realized that I was the pack leader and never had another problem with him.

May 31, 2009
reply to aggressive spaniel
by: Anonymous

We have a rescue springer spaniel - our first foster that we got in April, 2007.

He had aggression issues, I got bit, and he'd get in this weird stare, didn't want to obey, and would come after me. I was determined to see him over this hurdle.

I did, and he is the most awesome springer spaniel we've ever had! You have to make sure you are boss, and you have to make him obey. The night Sammy submitted to me he got that hard stare look, and I told him to sit! (I couldn't think of anything else!) At first he didn't want to, but I repeated it a couple of times and I did raise my voice in a command-like.

Slowly, he sat, and bowed his head. I cried, but that was basically the end of it. Every now and then, we test him, to make sure he remembers who is in charge.

There is tons of information out there, but try the Springer Spaniel Pack page

May 26, 2009
Seek vet advice straight away
by: Anna

With an issue as serious as this I would suggest that you seek the advice of a vet immediately, its not worth the risk to you or those around you.

For the record any of the Springer Spaniels I have owned have not been like that but I do know of one Springer that has bitten its owner and they had to put him down as it was not worth the risk.

Good Luck, I am sorry I cannot give you more direct advice

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