Axl the mad springer Spaniel

by Dawn Lester

I have a two year old Springer Spaniel. He's lovely and very good in the house. However when you go a walk he is mad.

If you let him off the lead then you wait with bated breath because he just goes off all over the place and only comes back when he feels like it.

Has anyone got any suggestions? He has a toy but fetches if half a dozen times then decides hes fed up and goes off hedge crawling and bird watching. lol


Hi there
Welcome to the mad world of the Springer Spaniel. They love to be outdoors to schnuffle and hunt with you. However it sounds as if you need to work hard on your recall with him otherwise if you don't have contl over him walks will never be a joy for you.

First you have to make sure that coming back to you is the most irresistable thing in the world. Make sure you have a treat for him when he does come back. Never tell him off even if it has taken an age for him to actually return. When he comes back lots of play, praise and treats.

If he is not coming back make high pitch noises and wave your hands in the air, if that doesn't work try running in the other direction or lying on the floor. Its sounds nuts but they all have worked for me.

Keep recalling him several times on a walk, I still do a regular recall on George so he is reminded who is the boss.

Hopes this helps

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Dec 12, 2011
Tracking Lead - may help NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a 5 year old Springer boy wonderful in the house quiet and gentle but out on walks once his nose is down he just cannot hear me!

As I cannot trust him to come back off the lead he is NOT LET OFF completely. I bought a 50ft tracking lead, once we are away from the road I drop the lead and tell him "AWAY" then if he gets almost to the end of the tracking line I step on the end and say one word COME only once and if he doe not come back straight away I give the lead a little tug - we practice this every time we go out and he is now coming back everytime so I am almost ready now to let him off the lead completely. I will not let him off until I am sure of him as I do not want him to make a mistake and I do not want him to run off and get lost. Take your time and get it right however long it takes better than losing your dog or risk him getting hurt GOOD LUCK

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