What a load of Balls!!!


Now I am not a particularly macho Springer in fact I am the complete opposite of Macho, I am mucho weto!!!

So when I started to hear mum and dad talking of removing the only thing I could be macho about - my gonads, I was very worried.

Why are they contemplating this, after all I am the most beautiful dog there is so I have to be a candidate for stud. However I don't know what to do when I meet a lady that is on heat so I think my days of being a Springer version of a Gigilo are numbered.

The reality is I am being a little short tempered with the children so I have to lose my gonads!!! However it will make me more relaxed and take the weight of the world off my shoulders. That combined with a bit more leadership training and I hope I can be better around the little people.

Dad is feeling very sorry for me, its a sensitive subject having a guys bits removed but family is more important and I do like the little people really.

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