Barking and play biting springer spaniel

by Sam
(New Jersey)

Hi Everyone- My springer spaniel Buddy is 8 months old and he is the best dog although he is very spoiled.

Sometimes when he gets really excited or he really wants to play he will bark loudly and nip. He seems to do this playfully and when he nips it never hurts.

My question is should we be worried about this behavior. He is great with all people and other dogs. This behavior usually happens once or twice a day usually at night. I normally take it as a sign that he wants to play. He does get a ton of exerise however so I wanted to make sure it was not a sign of something wlse. Thanks for your help- Sam


Hi Sam
My advise is best to nip any mouthing and nipping in the bud. You may be fine with it but other people may not be so understanding especially when it comes to their children.

Best thing to do when he nips is yelp very loudly get up and walk away, keeping your back to him. He will then know that doing that behaviour means the end of the fun.

Good luck

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