Bathing Your Springer

Bathing a Springer Spaniel

I cannot write a page on Springer Spaniel grooming and not mention Bathing Your Springer.

It has always amazed me that George loves to go swimming in any form of water, but hates being put in the bath or being sprayed by the hose pipe, as you can see by the pained expression on his face here.

As Spaniels tend to be attracted to mud - a muddy Spaniel is after all a happy Spaniel - you will need to bath them every now and then.

I tend to spray his undercarriage with a hose if he is only mildly muddy, and then I'll rub him down with his own towels. I don't use shampoo for this and it usually works.

However if he is really stinky, especially if he has rolled in something unpleasant, I will chuck him in the bath.

Springer Spaniel

I tend to use diluted baby shampoo to wash his coat with, as it is mild but smells a hell of a lot nicer than most dog shampoos. This tip was given to me by a vet who worked in the pharmaceutical industry.

You really should ensure you have prepared your bathroom before you bath your dog. I always put load of dog towels on the floor, and make sure I change into a tracksuit.

Then, using a combination of bribery with a treat, and brute force, I load George into the bath. Spray him down with the shower making sure it doesn't get in his eyes. Shampoo him down with the diluted baby shampoo and work it through his coat. This is normally when my eldest son loves to join in. Occasionally I will put conditioner on his ear fur as this will ensure that his ears are soooo soft.

Finally I rinse him down and try to lift him out of the bath. Once you have your dog out of the bath, a top tip is to hold on to their tails, as dogs cannot shake themselves properly when their tails are being held. This means that you can towel them dry and then enjoy a sweet smelling Spaniel thanks to my Springer Spaniel grooming tips.

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