Beach Days Out

I love beach days out. Today we took the 2 yr old, as its his birthday and the 11 month old to the beach. For all you non UK dwellers we don't have great beaches here very pebbly and well frankly freezing.

But being the brave hot headed Springer that I am I wasn't afraid, in fact I has a great time getting very wet and tired retrieving tennis balls all morning from the sea. Ok I have to admit the seaweed did scare the bejeezers out of me but it is amazing how it can come out of nowhere and creep up on you. After a morning of swimming I was then taken for an hour long run by Mum and Dad. At this rate all I need to do is master cycling and I could be the first Springer or dog for that matter to complete a Triathlon.

However I do have a sports injury today as a result of all my exertions and I am suffering from that well known springer condition the sore paw which I insist on licking all night and keeping mum and dad awake.

Sadly we don't have any piccies today of my beach antics as Dad brought the camera but didn't charge it. You just can't get the staff these day.


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