Blackfoot Jack the English Springer Spaniel

by J. Hill
(Idaho USA)

Every man should have at least one dog in his lifetime that is the caliber of canine such as Jack. That one special dog lives with you forever, as does the memory of each mannerism or characteristic that was such a part of them. You will always remember the sounds that served as their voice, each facial expression and twitch of their tail.

Jack had two loves in his life, and those were being with all of us and water. Having discovered water by my tossing him into the Blackfoot River when he was only a pup, swimming became an obsession that stayed with him the rest of his life. Jack swam in the Snake, Salt, Blackfoot, Yakima, and Columbia rivers and many creeks, lakes, and streams during his lifetime. He was a master at navigating the currents and enjoyed the activity to its fullest. Jack was even known to put his head under water in an attempt to find a rock we had tossed.
Jack loved attention, especially someone scratching his ears or rubbing his belly, but only around the house. He was all business in the field or on a trail, and his drive and endurance while running and exploring amazed Gwenna and I on numerous occasions.
Jack was an intelligent animal with eyes that revealed this truth. Blackfoot Jack, his registered name, was the model for field bred Springers and fathered 11 pups from two litters. He was an alpha male if there ever was one, and carried himself as such…even into old age.
Just before his 13th birthday, Jack’s back hips and legs began to decline. While they progressively got worse, Jack continued to participate in the things he enjoyed, including swimming and his walks. Jack went through the winter of his life with the same dignity that he displayed throughout his prime years.
On July 27, 2009, we lost our beloved Jack due to old age and a stroke that he suffered a day earlier. He was 14 years and 10 months old at the time of his death. He will be remembered as long as Gwenna and I are still living, and it is our hope that he is in a place where he can swim forever. Sleep well, our boy.

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Aug 19, 2010
Blackfoot Jack
by: Estie

What a gorgeous springer! It brings tears to my eyes. We lost our liver and white springer, Yogurt, at age 13. She had cancer. It leaves a big hole in our world. She will never be forgotten, even tho' now we have Sammy and Cassy. They all hold special places.

Thanks for sharing!

Aug 18, 2010
by: June

What a wonderful tribute to Blackfoot Jack. It sounds as if not only was he wonderful to you, but you to him as well.

My Emma is 20 months old and I have already shed tears thinking about life without her. I hope I have as many wonderful memories of her as you do of Jack. Rest in Peace, Sir Blackfoot Jack <3

Aug 18, 2010
by: Michele

What a sweet remembrance of Jack. I'm sorry you lost him as I know how difficult that is.

My Casey is almost 12. A liver and white female, who, like your Jack, is the dog we know is absolutely the best dog we've ever had. The love we have for her is unbelievable and the love she shows us is equally so.

I hope you will find another ESS that you will grow to love and adore, all the time remembering your Jack.

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