A Bone Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmy

I can tell you that there are few pleasures in life I like more than a marrow bone. Sure we Spaniels all love lampposts, and don't even get me started about chasing tennis balls; as for Dad's slippers, well let's just say they deserve it. Marrow bones however are my favoutite.

So just imagine my sheer delight when, to reward me for the utter humiliation of posting half groomed photos of me on the net, my mum gave me the treat I love the most.

Springer Spaniel

Never have I yapped and whimpered so much (I know I am such a girl) until she lay this truly glorious sight at my feet. Being a sensible Mom, she had to lay a towel on the floor to ensure that I don't leave bits of grisel on the carpet for the kids to pick up.

So off I drift in to this world of sheer utopia as I shart to gnaw, schnuffle, scrape and crunch yes yesy yes!!!! There is nothing better (Although I am still intact I have never been put out to stud, so for me a bone is about as good as it gets) I am officially in heaven.

I am off now to rub my full belly with my paws and get the rest of that marrow out of the centre of this holiest of grails

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