Breeding Springer Spaniels

Most people who get involved in breeding Springer Spaniels do it purely as a hobby and for the love of the animal and the breed.

As there are two different breeds of Springer some Breed for their field characteristics and ability while others breed for their perfection for the show ring, then of course their are some who breed just because they have a fantastic springer - which I can understand.

Should I breed from my Springer?

Breeding Springer Spaniels

There are several questions that you need to ask yourself before you decide to breed from your Springer Spaniel.

  • Is your Springer Bitch Kennel Club Registered?
  • Is she in Good Health?
  • Does she have a good temperament?
  • Will she be less that eight years old when the puppies are born (the Kennel club will not allow you to register them if not?
  • Is she free from Hereditary defects?
  • Can you afford the vets fees during and after the pregnancy?
  • Are you prepared to help your bitch nurse her puppies if she is in trouble?
  • Are you prepared to handle and socialize the pups before they go to their new homes to avoid fearful behavior in the future?
  • Are you prepared to vet all potential owners of your pups?

If the answers to the above questions are yes then you are in a good position to research a stud dog.

What do I need from a Stud Dog?

You need to research the stud dog you use from mating, to ensure that the puppies that are produced are strong and healthy. Here are some of the questions you need to ask for your research.

  • Is the Stud Kennel Club Registered
  • Is he in Good Health?
  • Does he have a good temperament?
  • Is he free from Hereditary defects?
  • Has he "proven" himself before?
  • Can you afford the Stud Fee - If not you may want to offer the owner first choice of Pup as a payment

Once you have made the decision to go ahead and get involved in Breeding Springer Spaniels, check out my guides to the mating, pregnancy, whelping and weaning processes to help you along

Guide to Mating Springer Spaniels A guide on what to expect when mating your springer spaniels and what you need to do to avoid injury to both your dogs and yourself.

Guide to Springer Spaniel Pregnancy Your complete guide on what to expect during your Springers Pregnancy so that you can take the best care of her and keep her in great health.

Guide to Springer Spaniel Whelping Your complete guide to what to expect during labor and how to take care of your bitch, including a Whelping video

Weaning- Springer Puppies Your guide to moving a litter of Springers on to Solid food

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