Brittany Springer Spaniels

Brittany Springer Spaniels are the least well known of the Springer Spaniels on my site. Although some people class them as Hunter Pointer Retrievers, there are many others who call them Springer Spaniels, hence the inclusion on this site. Either way, it is thought that this breed originates from France, from where they get their name. They are a cross between some form of Spaniel and Setter, hence they tend to be larger than the Welsh Springer and the smaller field version of the English Springer.


They are a medium build dog with either a wavy or flat coat. They come in a range of colors, from liver and white, orange and white, to tri-colored or roan in any of the colors. They really are elegant looking dogs. As with most of the Springer breeds, Brittanys are also prone to freckling as well. As they were originally bred to hunt birds, they have more pointer characteristics than Welsh or English Springers.

Brittany Springer Spaniel


They are sweet natured dogs who have soft hearted, sometimes sensitive, personalities. Not quite as bold as the English or Welsh Springers can be.

They love to be around people and love nothing more than to spend their days working. Highly intelligent, Brittanys love to learn and please so for a Brittany Springer Spaniel, training is a true treat.

As with the Welsh Springer Spaniel they have a gentle nature, so when training you must be careful not to be too harsh when reprimanding, otherwise your dog can become fearful of you.

The Brittanys desire to please and work mean they are excellent at pointing, retrieving, agility and obedience. As with all Springers this is a breed that needs plenty of exercise in the open air, you should only consider taking on this breed if you can provide this much needed exercise on a daily basis. Britannys who lack this type of stimulation can become hyperactive and destructive so, for the well being of the dog, you must provide the stimulation it needs.

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