Buying My First Springer Spaniel Puppy....Which Sex?

by Jasmine
(South Staffordshire)


My little family are purchasing our first springer spaniel. I've visited the breeder and I am due to visit again in 2 weeks time.

Initially we wanted a bitch purely because I know they are smaller in size (ideal as my children are very young) and are said to be less bold/ aggressive. However when I got there a deposit had been paid on the only bitch of a litter, I spent some time with the pups (who are all equally gorgeous and non seemed to display any bad traits, parents are also lovely too) and selected a lovely little boy puppy.

Problem is the breeder has contacted me to say she is reducing the price as people have let her down and now all pups are available (apart from mine). This has left me a bit confused as the bitch we initially wanted we could potentially now have, on the other hand I have said we would give this little boy pup a home and it doesn't seem very fair to just change my mind although the breeder wouldn't mind.

Really torn as to what to do so have looked on forums such as this and although it seems problems are largely down to how you train and exercise the individual dog/bitch i've noticed there seems to be far more complaints about dogs being aggressive or badly behaved than with females. I've also noticed people who have had both say they prefer females.

My mum and dad and grandparents have all owned springers. I'm very familiar with my mum and dad's two Barney and Poppy and whilst they are both lovely pets Barney is more bold and less likely to do as he is told, my parents also say he is more likely to bite (hence why my children are not allowed to play with him and are picked up). Poppy on the other hand is the more dominant but better behaved and is a very sweet little girl. Both were trained in the same way and brought at the same age by my parents.

Can someone please help me to make my decision, i have fallen in love with this boy pup and do not want to be unfair, equally I could quite happily have taken any of them home.I need to make the best choice for my family when deciding which pup we have so ultimately us and our new pet can be happy. Thanks

From Anna@love-springer-spaniels

I have a male dog and he is a complete Jessy as he was the timid one in the litter (Never go for the boldest). However I would agree that on the whole male springers are bolder. If you cannot get what you are looking for from your breeder, wait and contact another one. You need to be sure you have the right pup for you.

Male springers can be bidable especially if you get them neutered, there is nothing George wouldn't do for me and he is very well behaved, however I am inclined to agree that bitches can be calmer, however there are always exceptions to these rules. It depends on the parents temperament, make sure you see the pups mum at the very least.

I hope I have helped even though I have not given a definite answer

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Jul 04, 2011
Male Springers
by: Whispering Winds

We have been breeding and raising Springers for almost 20 years and Beagles for almost 10. We do love our girls very much, but have only have had one female that we would consider exceptional, in the mean time we have be luck to have 2 males that have gone above and beyond. We personally have found the males to be easier to train and more devoted. Males do tend to be a little more protective over their family, where females seem to be everyones friend. Our personal choice would be a male for a house hold family companion.

Jun 28, 2011
which one
by: blackpowdercap

i have 1 male neutered (7years) and 2 females spayed . the male is the best i have had , listens real good and works for me in the field .the 2 females well the youngest(5years) was born in our home and only behaves when she wants ,hates strangers,children,fireworks and our neighbors dog . her mother is retired at 14 years old and is now deaf and behaves all the time ,we have taught her hand signals . as to which sex to get is up to you . a female will work in the field and keep to her business . a male will also do the same but will visit all females who are in heat weather or not he is fixed . if you bring them up as family you will have a fine companion

Jun 28, 2011
Which dog....
by: Kirstyh

We didn't know which one to go for earlier this year either & eventually decided on a boy. It was the best decision as he's got a wonderful temperament & so loving and friendly.

He, Max, is a very obedient dog & we are very happy with are choice - saying this though, we spent several months looking for a very good repretable breeder first & I would advise this first & foremost.

All dogs have their own personality & so I found that was a good starting point as we visited the parents on a number of occasions.

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