Cannot get 9 month old springer spaniel back on lead

A few weeks ago while I was at work my son had let Mylo in the back garden, he subsequently managed to get out and was running free for around an hour.

Neighbours had chased him and caught him putting their dogs lead on him! Since then when I take him on the fields although he sticks with me, he will not come close enough for me to put the lead on or even stroke him, just darts away, I have tried treats, toys everything any suggestions please?

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Nov 01, 2013
Getting back on the lead NEW
by: Anonymous

I had a springer who I could never get back on the lead when I was on my own, he was fine until a year old tried everything, ended up walking him on a 16 ft lead when I walked him, had a second springer after him, she was and still is very good at getting back on the lead, he died this year aged 14, and still it took 10 mins to get him on the lead just before he died even though he was full of arthritis he was such a lovable rogue, now on my 4th springer 14 week old bitch and so far is no problem.

Dec 25, 2012
Back on lead... NEW
by: Marcus


It starts with the early training to sit, which in my view should be over trained already from very, very early age.
The next command 'come' is best to also be trained as often as possible at early age. When the dog is used to come on command, often with a treat, he should be taught this at many occassions not related to him being put on a lead. I have found ESS to be very easy to train, but they learn lightning-fast that when being called in at the end of the walk, they get on a lead and stay outside one's reach. My Cody started that as soon as I put my hand in my pocket, to sit, lie, roll around and do everything possible to get the treat he knew I was pulling out... Fast learners. Sometimes too fast...



Sep 19, 2011
Getting springers back on lead
by: Sally Cerro-Hughes

I had this problem. I think they get to a certain age and then learn its more fun to be free. I found the solution was a long training lead about 5 metres you can let the dog run free but put your foot on it and reel them back in when you want them to come back. Give some treats when you reel in and gradually the dog will start to want to come back of their own accord and its a lot less stressful than chasing them around!

May 03, 2011
Lead problem
by: Sam

My springer was attacked by another dog just as I was putting him back on his lead and for a long time afterwards he was exactly the same. There was no quick fix I'm afraid, it took me ages to get him to realise it wouldn't happen again. I also tried the things you have mentioned but in the end it just took lots of patience and reassurance every time he did come back to go on the lead and eventually he was fine. Good luck

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