Chasing Flying Things

I am programmed and designed to go chasing after things that fly away from me, such as birds!

However the good lord did not program me to filter out wasps, flies and bees from that equation. So as soon as one comes anywhere near me, off I go, after it and around and looking frankly mad as I am running round the garden trying to catch something no one else can actually see. Of course there is always the danger that I may catch one, especially a wasp or bee. I haven't actually been quick enough to achieve that just yet but I think it is only a matter or time before the sounds or me snapping in the air turns in to me yelping as I run round the garden.

It happened to my uncle Mungo a few years ago, he was sat there one balmy summers evening as a wasp flew past him, and the snap was quickly replaced by the sounds of yelping and gurgling as vinegar was poured down his throat to ease the pain.

So since then mum has always had vinegar on standby for wasp stings and bicarbonate of soda for bee stings. We just have to hope that my reflexes are not as good as his an we never have to use them

This got me thinking about all the effort she has to go through to keep me in good shape. There are vaccinations, vets, pet insurance and of course all the first aid as a Springer I am always getting into trouble. But I am worth it as she tells me so all the time

TTFN - Spring Safely

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