Chewing Springer Spaniel

by Debbie



I have a 9.5 month old springer who is caged for 5 hours a day (as I work) - she has a 30 min walk on a morning and about 1hour 15mins walk on an evening and also lots of play time. I have been gradually leaving her longer and longer out of the cage, and because we have had no damage for the last 4 weeks she hasn't been in the cage at all.

I got home last night to find that she had destroyed a pair of shoes and part of her bed.

I had left some of her favourite chews for her.

At her last health check the nurse said she had all her adult teeth so she isn't teething. Is there an approx age that they stop chewing or is it basically down to the fact that she is bored.

Can anyone help?

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Jan 03, 2011
by: Estie

Gradually, you will be finding fewer things destroyed as she ages. Keep her exercised and her toys interesting!

Jan 01, 2011
Chewing Springer Spaniel
by: Anonymous

Jenna is a beauty, and it sounds as if you are training her and caring for her well.
Keep your shoes on a high shelf. Close the door to your closet. In time you can train her to leave your shoes alone (ha ha, I never could). But the absolute best solution to avoid having your shoes ruined is to put them out of reach. They carry a strong scent of you, and she misses and loves you.
The same is true of dentures and underwear!

In addition to the morning walk, could you add 10 minutes of training right after? This would stimulate her mentally, and they say that that is even more tiring for her.

Another thing you could try is to get her a nice catchers mitt of her own at a flea market to chew on. Do not do this if you have boys who play baseball and will be uspet if their mitts get chewed. I found one for 2 dollars at a garage sale, and it provided chewing delight for my springer for months!

Best of luck in the new year with your lovely pup!
Cathy H.
Fountain Valley, California

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