Choosing a Name

So you have your bundle of joy, and you now have the task of choosing a name! The best tip I can give you is to Keep It Simple.

Single syllable names, such as Sam, or Doc, as well as double syllable names, such as Rosie and Hamlet, are great as it makes it easy for your dog to associate the name with themselves. I would recommend that you avoid names that sound like the obedience commands you will be using, as this will only cause confusion.

If you have an older dog and wish to change their name, use one that sounds like the original name. For example, my parents adopted a Ringo and changed his name to Mungo. As the name is fairly similar, Mungo is not too confused with the change.

Remember though, that when you choose your dog's name that you will have to shout it out in public places, so ensure it's a name that you are prepared to shout a lot.

You could choose a name that reflects your dog's appearance. I have known a Puzzle, named because his markings look like a jigsaw puzzle, and many Springers are names after beers and stouts because of their black, brown and white colorings.

You could choose a name from a favorite character from a book or film. Originally we were going to call our first spaniel Bumbury, from "The Importance of being Earnest" but he came to us named George, so we kept his name as such.

You could also choose a name based on your dog's behavior, such as Bungee, Dash, Scamper etc.

You could honour their English Heritage and give them very English names such as Oscar, Hugh, George.

Whatever you choose, once you have chosen your name, it is often quite difficult to change, but not impossible. The only thing I would say is that you should really have a look at the spaniel before you give him or her their new name. And good luck!!

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