Coats to Keep Our Springers Clean

by Lara

Having picked up Tilli and Alfie from the RSPCA yesterday, we were en route to taking them for their first walk in the fields with us, and it wasn't long before we were aware of the pungent odour "de dog" emanating from them as they sat in the back of the car. Windows were promptly wound down and we took a few gasps of air!

Knowing that we are taking them for another long (muddy) romp today, we have decided to wait until this evening when they've settled down, to give them their first bath with us. Having been playing in the back yard this morning, their tummies are wet and filthy (and I imagine, a bit cold and uncomfortable for them).

I've found a couple of coats on the internet which claim to keep their chests and tummies clean and dry, meaning that we only have to wash or wipe down their legs before they come inside with us each evening.

I wonder whether anyone has had experience of using these coats before or has any other suggestions about how to keep them (relatively) clean and dry and less pongy.

We live in the country and know that mud, dirt and 'eau de dog' are a part of life here; we also want to have our dogs in by the fire with us without us (or our friends or clients who come to the house) asphyxiating!

Any ideas?


Hi there, congrats on your new springers.

I personally would never put a coat on a springer, when they go out and run in the undergrowth they could get caught up and tangled with a coat on, so I don't think its a great idea.

As they are always on the go they will be warm enough, I take my springer running for 2 hrs in the wet and cold and at the end of it he is steaming he has so much heat coming from his body.

As for the pong, I would say give them a good bath
here is my bathing guide.

Bathing Guide

Then what I do with George after each run is just spray down his tummy when he has had a walk and is filthy, that just keeps the pong at bay

Keep well groomed, check out ,my grooming pages, taking special care to keep the ears clean as they can really make them smell

Grooming Pages

Keeping Ears Healthy

Good luck and let us know how you get on

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Jan 24, 2010
by: Lesley

Congrats on getting Tilli & Alfie!
I wouldnt have a coat on my Springer (Jasper - 3yrs old). I dont think he would keep it on! He loves to tear through the undergrowth, hedges etc like an exocet missile - I would be a bit worried about it getting caught in something.
Unfortunately springers just love to get muddy wet and filthy! But Jasper is very much a house pet and has access to all areas. If he is too dirty to get away with just a towelling down, I rinse him with the watering can and then give him a severe rub down with a towel (or 2, or 3) making sure his chest & belly are nice and dry. He fluffs up beautifully, especially if its raining or been running through long grass after the rain - the rain water makes his coat so soft.
We have only bathed him about 6 times in 3 years, the watering can does the trick.
Good luck & hope you are loving your springers!

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