Congenital Eye Problems

Springer Spaniel Puppy The following congenital eye problems are known to be inherited by Springer Spaniels, however they are uncommon. Reputable breeders will have their dams and sires tested for these diseases so make sure you ask them if these test have been carried out before you buy a puppy.

Here are the key four eye problems as it is important to have and awareness of these conditions

Central Progressive Retinal Atrophy

This is a congenital disease that is common in Springers that results in the degeneration of the retina in the eye leading to total blindness. There is no treatment for this disease, the only way it can be tackled is to ensure that breeding Springers are not prone to this condition, hence breeding Springers have their eyes checked regularly. Ensure that this is the case when you are buying a puppy from a breeder

Retinal Dysplacia

This is a congenital disease that is common in Springers that results in multiple folds in the retina, causing various levels of sight defect. Again eye checks with breeding animals are essential at keeping this disease under control.


This is caused by increase pressure of the fluid in the eye causing pain, inflammation and excessive tear production.


The edge if the eyelid rolls in so the eye lashes rub against the eye. The only way to mange this is with surgery.

Seek Vet Advice

You should seek veterinary advice should your Springer be showing signs of the following symptoms
Red eyes
Painful eye (squinting, pawing, rubbing, tearing, decreased appetite)
Cloudy eye
Blood in or around eye
Dilated pupil
Swollen eye

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