Destructive Springer Spaniel Behaviour

Destructive Springer Spaniel Behaviour is not uncommon. This is due to the breed being so active and designed to work all day. In my opinion there are two types of Springer Spaniel destructive behaviour.

a) Normal puppy behaviour which leads them to explore their world through their mouth, this is normal and its just a process you have to go through. Check out my Springer Spaniel Puppy Chewing guide to help you manage this

b)Boredom or Separation anxiety. If a Springer Spaniel is not getting enough stimulation or attention they usually resort to to chewing objects like shoes or house hold furnishings to release their frustration.


Springer Spaniel Preventing this behviour is the best course of action rather than discipline once it has happended. Exercise is key and a lack of it in my experience is the most common cause for Springers to become destructive. A Springer Spaniel that is left at home all day will look to cause mishcief so make sure they are tired out with a long walk or run (preferable off the lead) for about 40 min before you go out.

Then to keep them occupied while they are on their own give them a distraction such as a Kong toy (pictured above) filled with peanut butter and treats, it will keep them occupied for hours.

If your Springer Spaniel chews a specific item you could try the deterrent sprays which may make them less likely to go for that item, and if they have an alternative such as the kong filled with goodies that will be more appealing to them.


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