Do Field Springer Spaniels have problems with Anal Glands?

Do Field Springers have problems with Anal Glands?

We are about to bring back into our family a Springer. We had a Show English Springer Female. which we loved and she was every part of our family.

It has taken 5 years to get over her after her death.
There were 2 things we did have issues with
She was a Show Springer , we had hair everywhere. Does the Field springer have less Hair than show? Are we going to have hair everywhere?

The big issue was her anal glands. We had to drain them regular and the odor was well more than we could handle some times. lol.

Does a field spaniel have issues with anal glands like the show?

What is the big difference between the two?

Thanks so much our family is excited to get a springer back into the house but we want to also want to head off 2 areas that we had issues.Hair & odor smells

Thank you


I think it really depends on both, Ihave a field line Springer, and my mum has a show line springer and neither have anal gland issues.

The biggest difference between the two is the size, field springers are smaller and more agile and I would argue more hardy as they are bred to just keep going.

Hope that helps you out

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Feb 01, 2011
Field v show spaniel
by: lynn

Hi there

Our first Spaniel was a show spaniel so she seemed to be more stocky and have longer pendulum type ears but she was also brilliant for shooting although she made her way through hedges instead of over them. We never had anal gland problems with her, only arthritis.

We now have brother and sister 2 yr old spaniels. The boy is more stocky and wider set and he had got the silly fluffy hair so I need to clip him regularly but he doesn't seem to malt. I always noticed that the white comes out more than the brown.

His sister on the other hand is a typical field spaniel, around 5kg or more lighter than her brother with a small frame and more courser hair and she malts!

I hoover every other day and groom them before I do this (although the boy does like the hoover hose over his body). Neither have had trouble with their anal glands.

Both our current dogs and our first ESS Holly had the same heritage (Rytex Rod, Badgercourt etc) in their breed but one was a field and the other was a show.

I think until your pup is older you won't know if they molt or have anal gland problems as I don't think you can say that one type has more problems than the other. I only say this as our dogs are from the same litter but they are like chalk and cheese.

Feb 01, 2011
springers & anal glands
by: Estie

We've never had any problems with anal glands - have had springers since 1992. Sometimes those that come through the rescue that we've fostered have temporary issues because of lack of a good diet, but nothing long-term.
Hair - (there is hair!!) We keep ours on a regular grooming schedule - every 8 weeks. We vacuum every other day. With the wonderful companionship ours provide, and the awesome pets they make.....the hair doesn't matter! They are great!
make sure your springer is on good dog food. This will help with the shedding.

Jan 31, 2011
Field Springer's Hair
by: Anonymous

My field springer, Brogue, is going to be two in the spring. We have not had any problems with anal glands at all. She does shed her hair, but with regular brushing this is not an issue. There doesn't seem to be any more hair around the house than there is dust. lol. She is not a very big dog- 39 lbs. and is very affectionate. She loves to curl up on my lap- and that is fine with me. We have our special chair to enjoy each other's company in, and there is usually not much hair on the chair or on my lap!
Enjoy your new Springer as we do ours!
Liz D.

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