Do we get one springer spaniel or two at the same time.

We got our last 2 springer spaniels a year apart (14 yrs ago). Now we are ready to get some puppies but not sure whether to get them separately, as we did last time, or get them together. We Recently read the puppy would bond better with us if we got one dog first.

Hi there
I am not too sure about this one myself as I have yet to have two puppies, however I will ask around and hopefully some people can post in the comments and give you some great advice.

Good luck and don't forget to send us some pictures of your new puppies!!!!!!

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Nov 17, 2010
2 springer spaniels at once
by: wendy

We have a brother and sister ESS, we got them at 8 weeks, they are now 2 1/4 years old and I'am so glad we got both of them. We have never had any problems with them, they love each other, and are great company for each other. We took both of them for dog training and they are very obediant, just make sure you give yours plenty of exercise and you will be rewarded with lots of fun and lots of love from them.

May 15, 2010
we have 2 sister puppies
by: Anonymous

I would advise you to think very carefully before you buy siblings. We have 2 sisters, now 4 months old, and although they love each other and are very cuddly with each other when they are calm, they are extremely hyperactive when together and they "play fight" ALOT. When they are like this they are very hard to control and they don't listen to us. I have started walking them separately when I can and training them separately, so that they will focus on me, instead of each other. I am hoping that after obedience school and a bit of growing up, they will be better. But it is VERY difficult trying to train 2 at the same time. They seem to be constantly trying to prove who is stronger and are super competitive.Having said that, I think they enjoy having each other for company when we aren't around. I think it can work it you have the time and energy to train them properly, preferably each on their own. That's when they seem to see me as the "alpha" best. Good luck with your decision!

May 13, 2010
Do we get 2 puppies together?
by: Anonymous

Thankyou very much for your comments. We have actually decided to get one puppy first then maybe in a year we will get a 2nd. This is what we did last time (14 yrs ago). We go & choose our new puppy this Sunday so really excited.

May 09, 2010
Two Puppies
by: Springer Rescue

It is not advisable to get two puppies at the same time unless you have the time to commit to training them separately, walking them separately etc. as they will have a much stronger bond with each other than they will have with you unless you put in a lot of hard work.

We see dogs coming into us because folk have had issues with siblings fighting with each other as they grow into teenagers or because they feel the dogs are out of control because they didn't put the work into training them.

May 05, 2010
2 Puppies
by: Jenn BL

The experts say not to get two puppies as they will bond to each other and not to their master..well I think that is not true. We have two dogs and it is great! They keep each other entertained and they always have each other. If you can get through the puppy period it will be rewarding in just a couple of months!

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