Does anyone have any tips on how to calm a Very Hyperactive active spaniel

Hello there

I have a springer spaniel who's 3years old now she's a bitch called milly she's very well behaved but is very hyperactive if she was to have a litter will it calm her down at all?

From Anna@love-springer-spaniels

Hi there
What are you feeding her? I firmly beleive you need to feed springers and additive free diet, I don't feed my springers anything but
hypoallergenic dog food.

Also how much
exercise is she getting? If Springers don't get enough they tend to go a bit nuts

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Jun 19, 2017
My springer NEW
by: Sandy

I have a one year old springer. She is spayed and still very hyperactive. She has 5 acres to run on and a golden doodle and afghan puppy who play with her constantly. She has toys and a pool but still hyper. She has learned to calm herself down by sucking on a large teddy bear. That is when she is at her best. I'm hoping she will calm as she gets older

Apr 07, 2016
Is this.normal? NEW
by: Val

My Springer pup, Bracken, is 5 months old and is constantly manic. We live in a small village with wild countryside all around so he gets s variety of walks daily. We have only just started letting him off the leash for a few minutes at a time...recall is good with treats and whistle. He.normally rests for about 30 mins afterwards but then is back to tearing around the house. Whilst in this excitable state he tears at socks, shoes or slippers on our feet, and chews anything he can get his teeth on. I play with him and train him daily until he gets bored. He has a box of toys containing balls, variety of chews, beakers to hide treats in etc.I know he's teething, but he's still biting our hands and feet as he did as a baby, and I've tried everything to break the habit... As advised by the puppy classes he's just finished. Any comments?

Aug 22, 2015
hyper spaniel NEW
by: donna

Will getting my hyper 1 year old Springer spaniel snipped be good for him...he is generally high constantly although I know springers are...jus wanting some advice if getting him the snip will help him...

Jul 27, 2014
springers diets NEW
by: Pat

I am a great believer in the correct diet, plenty of exercise,and human contact,choose your dogs food carefully,I only use hypo-allergenic, this is my first English springer,(I have always had German Shepherds,) he is now 10months old,we started taking Dexter to puppy classes as soon as he was old eneogh,best thing we did ,mixing with other dogs, he is still boistrious but he is a puppy(spoilt)we are retired so he is never left,we live near the beech and are a 5 min drive from the estury, i have enjoyed reading all about your dogs

Mar 23, 2012
listen up NEW
by: Paul

Firstly let me just say i agree with some of writing from some of the posts. But writing about "E" numbers in a sentence with dogs is nonsense, no matter what a vet tells you.
A dogs digestive tract can process a meal in under two hours. The extraction process of nutrients from dry food and the so called "E" numbers do not generate hyperness in a springer or any other dog. Its simply genetic's. Springers have unlimited stamina because of breeding.Their hyperness is down to high active needs.Springers rarely stay still. They need to be doing something. Short mid-range body's ideal for flushing and hunting.
I breed and train springers for a living for some 10 years now.
So let gets to the point as some need help.
Springer need lots of exercise both physically and mentally.
The beach can offer a good outlet for release of energy.
Open fields can provide the hunt factor.(providing your recall is good)
Allowing your springer to play with another dog, ie-wrestling,play fights, can drain your dog a great deal.
Other simple behaviour tips to calm your springer would be.
1.never leash your dog until calm and sitting.
2.never open door or gate until calm and sitting. not pet until calm and sitting.
4. do not allow friends or family to fuss dog until calm and sitting.
5.Being vocal and physical with dog can increase hyperness.
A simple check of lease or sharp telling off can assist 1-4.
Springers learn more quickly with sound rather than touch so smacking your dog should only be last resort and on the hind.
Hope some of this helps.

Aug 13, 2011
by: mel

i have a 4yr old springer called tilly, i have found a low protien hollistic diet helped her behaviour.She has much better concentration since changing her food. Unfortunately last year she was diagnosed with exercise induced hyperthermia which means she is limited to the amount of exercise she gets as she over heats,some days she only gets out for toilet,yet she copes with it brilliantly. To go from a working dog to hardly going out at all, i firmly believe the diet has helped tremendously. I have since recommended it to a lot of people and they all notice a huge difference. i hope this helps you x

Jun 16, 2011
by: julie

my springer is now three years and is as calm as a cucumber. she has 4 to5 short runs of the lead then 2 long walks. But i have an older dog and she runs with him but all the time i am out i do the recall , then send them off again. by the time they get home they just want a drink and sleep

Jun 10, 2011
hyper Milly
by: christine

I to had a very hyper Millie girl when she was young, she grew out of it. I also found that she needed to be walked atleast twice a day for 30 mins. She really calmed down at age 5, we also fed her a color free added diet. We found that any artifical colors seemed to hype her up. We loved our Millie Girl and miss her so. So give your Milly a hug for me please. Thanks and hope this helps Chrissy

Jun 08, 2011
Hyperactive springer spaniel
by: dogtiredinkent

Decent food, good leadership and LOADS of exercise. Three one hour walks would be perfect as long as they are off lead!!

Jun 07, 2011
tiredness in numbers!
by: Karn

my little one is only 6 months but I find playing with other springers helps a lot, I can't keep up with her but at least they can, we're thinking of getting another in about 2years so she has a friends to play with all the time but not until she is properly trained, I couldn't handle two wild ones ! Best of luck !

Jun 07, 2011
by: Dawn

I agree with what had been said. My Lilly is 9 months old and
doesn't stop. I find just letting her off the lead to run run and run. Lilly loves to spring through the crops. A walk around the block is just not enough.The downside is alot of
baths. She has about 45 mins in the morning and at
least an hour in the evening. Most of that time is of the lead.
I do hope she calms but there is no sign yet!

Jun 06, 2011
Hyper ESS
by: Lynn

I agree with Michelle, having a litter just in case it would calm her down is not the right way to go about things. Some people also say they calm down after they have been spayed or neutered but I have brother and sister ESS who are 2yrs and are still nuts!

What type of food is your dog having. I was told years ago not to give them anything with colouring in it as it has the same effect as giving children 'E' numbers and sugar.

If you are unable to go for long walks with her then a few short runs around a local park each day will do the trick until you can get more time.

Also brain stimulation....they are very clever dogs and like things to do. Our especially like searching for their treats after they have had their evening meal, or searching for one of their favourite toys that we have hidden around the house.

Jun 06, 2011
by: Michele

Don't breed your dog because you think it will calm her down. That's a ridiculous reason for breeding.

My Springer is 3 1/2 years old. She is also hyper, but I am starting to see some signs of calming down...a little.

Lots of exercise daily helps curb the hyperactivity. They do grow out of the over active stage, but it takes time.

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