Dog Agility

Springer Spaniels love exercise, so dog agility is a great activity to keep them fit and active, plus it's a great way for you to get out there and meet other dog owners.

An agile Springer Spaniel

It's one of the fastest growing activities for dogs, and any dog of any age can take part. It involves your dog working his way round an agility course whilst being timed. The obstacles usually consist of tunnels, ramps and jumps.

You can decide to take part in agility just for fun and a social life, or you can take it seriously and compete. There are a number of agility clubs and classes out there, search for them on the net and you will find your nearest one.

Your Springer Spaniel’s obedience skills will help in dog agility by ensuring you are able to control him racing round the course.

George has just started this himself and he absolutely loves it, even if he is a little scared of the apparatus at the minute. I will tell you more of his adventures as he develops.

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