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You need to be sure that you have the right dog collar for your Springer. At the same time it is also an opportunity to express your Springers, and your personality. This guide is based on my own personal experience.

Why do they need a collar?

A simple yet valid question. Of course you should have your dog micro chipped which will give all your details should your Springer go missing. However if you have a dog collar with an identity tag on it, it is much easier for someone to call you up to let you know they have found your Springer rather than having to take them to the vet to get the chip read.You can also state on the ID tag that your dog is chipped and therefore deter dog theft.

It is a means to attach your dogs lead therefore enabling you to keep control of your Springer when out and about. Trust me when you are going out you want to keep control of your bundle of energy.

How Tight?

When he is a puppy he will grow quite rapidly so you need to be sure you get the right one that is adjustable. Ensure that the collar is not too tight, or for that matter too loose, other wise they can loose them easily when they are running in the woods. I would say you should be able to fit two fingers inside the dog collar, that way it I snug enough not to come off but gives them room not to feel like they are being throttled.

What type of collar?

There are so many out there on the market that you can choose from, leather, nylon, studded even diamante if your Springer so desires.

Chain Slip Collars or Choke ChainsThese are great for training or for a dog that pulls to excess as the chain tightens round the dogs neck when the pull on the lead. Dog trainers have tended to move away from these over that past 15 years, but as always it is a personal preference. The one thing I would say is never leave your Springer alone with one on as they can choke the dog.

Woven Nylon collar with Quick releaseI use a thick woven nylon collar with a clip fastener. The clip fastener is a godsend. You see as soon as your Springer realizes that he is about to go on a walk, a whirlwind of excitement will begin, and it is much easier to fasten a clip collar than a buckle one when all they want to do is race outside and explore with you.

Leather collarsLeather collars are beautiful and I always think they look great on dogs. However I don’t use one because my Springer always goes in the water and it would destroy the leather quite quickly. If you do want a leather collar ensure it is waterproof so that it does not disintegrate after a few walks.

Head collars or HaltersThese are collars that slightly resemble a muzzle as the band goes over their mouth to prevent pulling as they try to pull their head then turns which deters the behavior. I have found dog owners either love or hate these, however I do know people who have had great success in using these.

HarnessesThese are collars that go round the chest abdomen and back and are a great deterrent to the dog for pulling on the lead. A dog Trainer friend of mine has had great success with these style of harnesses in stopping her own dog from pulling.

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