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The saying 'you are what you eat' means that the dog food that you give to your Springer Spaniel is as important as what you eat. Therefore I have devoted an entire section to some advice and recommendations in this really important area for your dog's continuing health.

Researching what you give your Springer can often lead to confusion, as you navigate through the labyrinth of different terms and brands. I did some research when I got my own Springer Spaniel to esure that he got the best for him. This is now provided to you along with a list of my top recommendations.

I am a firm believer that it really does matter what you feed your Springer Spaniel. A diet consisting of fillers, additives and preservatives may have the unfortunate effect of adding to your pet's hyperactivity. From personal experience I know the difference diet can have on behavior. Once I changed his diet, I saw a difference in George almost overnight, from being nearly out of control to a much more relaxed and happy family pet.


It is really important to know what is in the food you have chosen for your Springer (or any other dog for that matter). To help you choose the right food for your Springer, I have written a guide on deciphering the labeling of your dog's feed and you will find it on my UK Dog Food Labelling Guide pages. This is my guide to understanding how UK manufacturers put information on the labels of their products, and how to choose the best product for your Springer Spaniel.

If you are based in the US or are in a country that receives US manufactured pet food there are some subtle differences that you should be aware of. US Pet food Labeling. This link takes you to some great pages on how to decipher US dog food labeling from the Dog Scoop Website.

Best Dog Food Guides

My guides to the best dog foods out there are linked below and I have also included links to shops where you can purchase the right brand for your pet. I am not selling the products myself but the links will take you through to their online shops.

Best UK Springer Foods

Arden Grange My absolute Favorite UK brand, George and Fidget love it. This really is a complete food without compromise. They use premium ingredients and no additives so your Springers are getting the very best. With added Glucosamine your springers joints are being protected everytime they have their dinner and you are not having to struggle to get them to take tablets. One word of caution, the high protein content does not agree with all Springers so keep an eye on your dog if you try this food.

Burns Pet Food Another Great British Brand of Dog food. Additive Free and Developed by vets, you are sure to be giving your springers a great diet with this food.

James Wellbeloved A natural hypollergenic brand of food that will give your springer all that he needs.

Best North American Springer Foods

Here are my recommendations for Springer foods Stateside. Each of the links are guides and give details on these North American specific brands.

Solid Gold I love this brand, a great human-grade hypoallergenic variety that has a really good personality to it's brand.

California Natural This is another really good choice for your Springer, and is considered to be one of the best pet foods on the US market

Evo Evo contains one of the highest protein diets available on the pet food market. The diet is free from fillers and additives and gives a great variety for your Springer.

Merrick Pet Food A well established brand that uses on US sourced ingredients in its food. I love the fact they have a gourmet range to spoil your Springer with.

Wellness Pet Food A Holistic brand of food that has a wide range and variety to choose from.

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